Women with a saggy, flat, or unappealing butt often wish they had more projection in the butt area. If you have been in the gym doing squats and wishing to get a Kardashian-like butt, you are perhaps wondering of a faster and easier way to do it. Fortunately, a simple cosmetic treatment can lift and volumize your butt to get your self-esteem up again. Chaowen Wu, MD, Ph.D., a plastic surgery, cosmetic, and aesthetic specialist, provides butt lift in The Woodlands and is dedicated to helping you realize your power over your body. The doctor contours and enhances the curves of your hips and waist and lifts your buttocks using your own natural fat. For more inquiries, call or schedule an appointment online.

What Exactly is Revel Butt Lift?

Revel Butt Lift is a butt lifting procedure that restores volume in your butt with your own fat, tightening and lifting it. The procedure contours your hips and waist through liposuction and your buttocks will be enhanced using your natural fat. Everything is completed through minimally invasive tiny incisions. At Revel You, Dr. Wu and her skilled team use this natural Revel Butt Lift to enhance your butt’s contours so that you can feel more confident about its shape without the use of artificial substances!

How is Revel Butt Lift Different from Brazilian Butt Lift?

Both these aesthetic procedures involve transferring your own fat from the hips and stomach area to your butt. This fat transfer helps contour and lift your butt to give you a natural-looking, more attractive butt. However, the Revel Butt Lift has been specially designed to give you a finely dramatic contour augmentation that’s not too extra.

Natural Revel Butt Lift

Are You A Right Candidate for A Revel Butt Lift?

You are probably wondering whether you are the right candidate to undertake this butt lift procedure. You will notice the biggest impact from this procedure if you are around your ideal weight, but you still have stubborn fat around your hips and waist that won’t disappear even after dieting and working out. If you wish to remove the fat from these areas and lift your butt a bit, you are the right candidate for a Revel Butt Lift.

How Long Will the Butt Lift Results Lasts?

The Revel butt lift results can be maintained longer than most options offered out there. You just need to follow recovery guidelines perfectly after your procedure and maintain a healthy diet, and the fat transfers can last for several years. Therefore, as long as you maintain a healthy weight, Revel Butt lift results will be long-lasting. At Revel You, Dr. Wu coordinates with you to come up with a customized butt lift procedure that suits your aesthetic needs depending on your body type.

To sum up, don’t allow a flat or sagging butt to make you have low self-esteem when a Revel butt lift can help you get the round curvy butt you wish for. Call or schedule an appointment online with Revel You in and around The Woodlands, Texas today.