The ability of a dental implant in replacing the natural tooth with optimal cosmetic appeal is simply unbeatable. Dental implants restore the smile of the patient and the affordable dental implant cost in Melbourne has made them popular amongst all classes of people. Some patients opting for dental implants may sometimes need a bone graft.

Read on to find out more about the purpose and benefits of the bone graft procedure.

What is a bone graft?

Dental implants are fused into the jawbone which supports the post and keeps the implant fixed in its place. If the patient has a thin or soft jawbone, then chances of implants fallout or failure are high. Dentists suggest bone graft procedure to such patients prior to dental implant surgery. The total cost of dental implants in Melbourne goes up when the procedure is preceded by installation of a bone graft.

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What happens during the bone graft procedure?

During the procedure, the dentist takes a part of the patient’s bone from any other body part and grafts it into the jawbone. Then, a period of 4-6 months (varies from one patient to another) is allowed for the bone graft to settle down and push the jawbone to be strong enough to support the dental implant. With advancements in dental technology, modern grafting involves the use of special bone grafting material rather than the actual bone of patient. The dental implants are then fixed onto the jaw bone of the patient.

How does the bone graft work?

Initially the bone graft prevents the collapse of surrounding tissue. Then, slowly the body starts to consider the bone graft as natural bone and replaces the graft with natural (native) bone. This process is called guided tissue regeneration. The bone graft which is also called biological placeholder dupes the human body into absorbing the graft and replacing it with natural bone. Since the process of bone grafting makes implant procedure longer and demands more attention from the dentist, the overall cost of dental implants in Melbourne goes up significantly.

Who is eligible for bone grafting?

Not every patient who is opting for dental implants needs the bone graft. To qualify for the procedure, patients must have weak jawbone and the dentist must examine the complete medical history of the patient to ensure there is no chance of secondary health risks.

What is a xenograft?

Use of autogenous grafts has been replaced with xenografts with time. As a result, dental implants cost in Melbourne has been affected too. Xenografts are obtained from bovine bones, sterilised and then placed into the mouth of the patient. The use of xenografts (contain the same minerals as that of the natural bone) is a proven technique used very commonly.

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