Regenerative medicine or stem cell therapy offers promising treatments in the medical world. Tens of thousands of people have already opted for this treatment and are living proof of its effectiveness. This is mainly because stem cells from your own body treat your body’s diseases and injuries.

What Are Stem Cells?

Our body is made of different kinds of cells. Each type of cell has a different role to play in the body. For example, red blood cells carry oxygen in the body, fat cells store fat, and nerve cells serve as the communication system.

All cells have a definite purpose, except for stem cells. Stem cells do not have a specific role to play. They work according to the needs of our bodies. When we go through an injury, stem cells act as the source of new specialized cells for the body to adapt to the injury quickly.

Stem cells do not initially have a purpose, but they can transform themselves into any cell and perform its functions.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

In stem cell therapy, damaged cells of your body are replaced with healthy stems. This can be seen as an upgrade in organ transplantation as it repairs the physical problems without the help of donor organs.

In stem cell therapy, stem cells are first harvested from inside of your body. These cells are collected from the blood or the bone marrow according to the patient’s needs. After healthy cells have been taken out, the patient is given chemotherapy or radiation so that all the diseased cells in their body are damaged before new cells are placed.

Before the stem cells are placed inside your body, they are activated in the lab with the help of Rich Platelet Plasma, which allows the stem cells to work efficiently. Some people may worry about this modification done to stem cells. However, we assure you that the FDA approves this minimal manipulation of the cells.

The concentrated cells are placed inside our body through a painless procedure. First, x-ray images of the injured area are taken, and then a concentrated amount of stem cells are directly injected into the area. Side effects rarely occur in stem cell therapy.

How Effective Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Since stem cell therapy requires stem cells to be taken from your own body, it is considered safe. According to a trial, 45% of people who opted for stem cell treatment saw remarkable improvements in their bodies within just six months of the treatment.

A doctor’s role is the biggest in this treatment. It is vital to get your treatment done by a stem cell specialist to make sure they are doing it right. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Flanagan from Naples Regenerative Institute today.