Essential Insights on Dental Care

Essential Insights on Dental Care

Essential Insights on Dental Care

With good oral health, you can achieve higher confidence and overall good health. Dental problems are numerous and can affect anyone at any time. In the case of oral complications, it would be best for you to seek expert help promptly. For Fair Oaks tooth sensitivity and effective dental solutions for you and family, contact Dr. Shiva Salehi of Madison Family Dental Group for a superior experience.

About Madison Family Dental Group

Led by general dentist Shiva Salehi, DDS, Madison Family Dental Group is the solution for your dental needs in California. She adopts a methodical, conservative dental treatment with genuine care and compassion.

The practice prides in providing all dental needs for kids and adults alike under one roof. Services offered include dental emergency care, dental crowns, smile makeovers, and many more.

At their state-of-the-art offices, you will find cutting-edge technological advancements such as powerful purifiers and treatment options customized to your needs.

About Dr.Salehi, DDS

At her offices in Madison Family Dental Group in Fair Oaks, California, Shiva Salehi, an expert general dentist, offers high-quality care to patients. Dr.Salehi began her career in computer science. After graduation, she discovered that while working with computers, she missed working with people. She then joined the dental school.

Dr.Salehi completed her medical prerequisites at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California. After her graduation, Dr. Shiva went back to the university to teach. Currently, she continues to serve as a part-time faculty member. She adopts a patient-centered approach in practice. The doctor prides in helping patients achieve functional teeth and good smiles by using crowns and bridges.

Available Services

At Madison Family Dental Group, patients can receive a wide range of dental services such as;

  •       Tooth Sensitivity Specialist- A sharp pain in your mouth whenever you bite into something hot, cold, acidic, or sweet indicates tooth sensitivity. Dr. Shiva Salehi and the team provide effective treatments against tooth sensitivity.
  •       Teeth Whitening Specialist- Stain or discolored teeth can be embarrassing. However, with innovative procedures from Madison Family Dental Group, you can achieve a whiter set of teeth worth flaunting.
  •       Jaw Pain Specialist- Do you suffer pain in the jaws? Contact Dr.Salehi of Madison Family Dental Group for effective diagnosis and treatment personalized for you.
  •       Dental Crowns Specialist- If you seek effective restoration for damaged teeth to achieve a better smile, your expert physician Shiva Salehi offers proven dental crown placement and other therapeutic services in a serene environment.
  •       Root Canal Treatment Specialist- For painful, tender teeth sensitive to cold or hot foods, Contact Madison Family Dental Group to benefit from their effective, innovative treatment options.
  •       Dental Exam Specialist- To attain and maintain proper oral hygiene, regular dental exams, and teeth cleanings are imperative. Book an appointment with Madison Family Dental Group for top-class dental exams for your kids and yourself.
  •       Dental Emergency Specialist- Do you need urgent dental care? Your expert team at Madison Family Dental Group offers a variety of dental emergency services at your convenience. Emergencies include knocked-out teeth, chipped teeth, oral infections, and many more.

Do you want quality dental care, or to enjoy the top-class services from a compassionate industry leader? Contact Madison Family Dental Group for a customized treatment solution.

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