Hi to all I am Martin working in a reputed company. I do take drugs and for only this reason I was not able to get a job in past. Things really did change for me and the company in which now I am working asked me to take a drug test before giving me a job. Now you must be wondering how I passed because drugs do not leave the body easily. In fact, there are many ways in which a drug test comes out negative. The mouth swab drug test that I took was like a child play to me. I already knew all the tricks about defeating drug test from http://mouthswabdrugtests.com/.  There are few things that you need to know before giving the drug test.

What is mouth drug test?

The mouth drug test is very common and only takes few minutes to get the results. The need of this test is to make sure that a person is capable of working with heavy equipment. The employee should also be a role model for others. To work in a proper environment and this only demands true dedication. The companies also feel that drug addiction will decrease the working process of their company. The test is made using saliva sample, rubbing cheeks or checking teeth gums. In manufacturing and chemical companies these tests are necessary. Many of these tests may take more than a day to give result and this only happens when a sample is taken to a lab.


Tips for clearing the drug test.

  1. Stop heavy dosage of drug 48 hours before test: The day of the drug test is known and it is better not to take drugs for that limited time period. At least a time period of 48 hours is essential and after the test, you can carry on your regular life. This helps to reduce the amount of drugs present in a body.
  2. No nicotine products before test: Nicotine sticks in the mouth and remains for a longer time period. Avoid nicotine products for at least 48 hours.
  3. Cleaning mouth and maintain hygiene: Brush your teeth more than twice in a day and pay more attention to cheeks, tongue and line in gum. Since these are the main places where swab sample will be taken.
  4. Have meals that have high Fat: Just one hour before going to the test take a high fat meal. The high fat will reduce the constituent metabolites of drugs from being detected.
  5. Ice Chewing: Chewing of ice helps to dilute saliva and keeps rinsing mouth. It also decreases metabolism of drugs.
  6. Don’t follow the instruction of laboratory: The instruction is given so the result should come out positive. We want that the result has to come out negative.
  7. Use home kit for drug test: After going for the above tip the last tip is to do a self-test. Buy a kit for a drug test and check for yourself if you can easily pass or not. The best part of this test is that is can be done many times.

Now it will become easier for you to pass any mouth swab drug test. If you want to get more detail information then an eBook is also available. It can be bought from http://mouthswabdrugtests.com/ and it is not free. There is a price for it but for passing the test, the price is not much to pay for.