Do consult a orthopedic doctor if you are suffering with joint pains

Do consult a orthopedic doctor if you are suffering with joint pains

Do consult a orthopedic doctor if you are suffering with joint pains

Many of us during our daily activities may slip down and may cause injuries to the legs. This may cause severe leg pain and even the person can’t walk. The pain which is caused due to the injuries in the knees or on the lower limbs results in inability to walk, exercise, play or even unable to do their daily works. The most common injuries occurs due to slip or fall causing injury to the feet, ankles, legs and also to the knees. The twisting injuries and deceleration injuries are most common causes of the acute pain in theknee injuries. The pain and the healing process of these injuries are very severe.The chronic pain in the lower limbs and knees are due to the deconditioning injuries and overuse such as tendonitis or stress fractures. Such type of leg injuries should be treated by a orthopedic doctor and is provided by Scorthogroup

Treatment for leg injuries and fractures by orthopaedic doctors

  • The treatment of the fractured leg changes according to the location and severity of the injury. The fractures can be classified into:
  1. Compound fracture : This is a type of fracture where the broken bone pierces the skin. This is the most severe form of fracture and require an immediate treatment.
  2. Closed fracture : The bone fractures but the skin surrounding it is intact.
  3. Displaced fracture: The broken fragments of the bone move from its position. This type of fracture requires surgery to be done for its alignment
  4. Green stick fracture: This type of fracture occurs mostly in children. The bones in this type of fracture don’t break.
  • Setting the leg: It is the initial treatment taken for the fractured bone. The doctors immobilize the leg with the splint after proper evaluation. If the bone is broken down into many pieces, they are reduced into proper positions before immobilization.
  • Immobilization: The movement of the leg is restricted after it is splinted in its position. This restriction of the movement supports healing process. Doctor either splint or cast the leg to restrict movement.
  • Medication: The medication is given for reducing the inflammation and the pain. The patient may require to use the crutches to walk atleast for eight weeks.
  • Therapy: Even after the removal of cast or splint from your leg, you need physiotherapy to be done. This make the leg to restore its movement as it is in rest for longer time.
  • Surgical: Severe fractures requires placement of plates, rods, screws for proper alignment of the bones. For the placement of these, surgery has to be done.


Hope you are clear with the treatment and the management of the leg injuries.

George Abbot

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