Dental Treatment Options When You Haven’t Had a Check Up in Years

Dental Treatment Options When You Haven’t Had a Check Up in Years

Dental Treatment Options When You Haven’t Had a Check Up in Years

It’s all too easy for life to get too hectic and you don’t make a dentist appointment. Then you let it slide for a few months and before you know it, it’s been literally years since you’ve let a dentist examine your teeth and gums. Perhaps you’ve developed some fear in the meantime, and are worried about what they might find? Well, have no fear because the sooner you get checked out, the better.

Here are some likely dental treatment options when you’ve been slack about your oral health for a few years.

Get a Dental Check-Up First

The first thing a dentist needs to know is how long you haven’t had your teeth and gums looked at. This will help a Bangkok dental center get a better idea of what to look out for. They may even choose to run a couple of x-rays to check for any issues they cannot easily see visually.

A dental check-up is an opportunity for the dentist to look in your mouth and see what they find. Usually, they’ll be some tooth decay somewhere after a decent amount of time has subsided between dental visits. They may even discover some more serious work that needs doing too.

Are You Feeling Any Pain Currently?

During a check-up, the doctor will want to ascertain whether you’re feeling any pain in a tooth or the gums. This is a good indicator of a tooth that has decay or an impacted tooth or gum disease with a receding gum line. The dentist can look at these aspects to check and see how good (or bad) things look. Then they can inform you about what needs to happen next.

Getting Fillings

It’s likely that you have one or more teeth that have some plaque build-up that’s caused tooth decay. When the decay is not too bad, the tooth can still be saved. This involves the dentist working to remove the decay from the tooth itself and then put in a filling to fill in the gap that’s been created in the tooth.

There is usually a choice these days about what sort of filing to use. Some are white to try to match the colour of your teeth to make them less noticeable. Discuss the options with the dentist if you’re having a filling done.

Other Dental Work

Depending on what the dentist discovers, you might require a crown or even a root canal if the damage to a tooth is too severe to use another procedure. It’s best to discuss your choices with the dentist once they have completed a proper assessment.

Usually, dental clinics and hospitals offer multiple procedural options depending on what the patient prefers and what’s most suitable. In most cases, when multiple procedures are required to fix a variety of oral care issues, these can be performed progressively over a few weeks.

The main things with a dentist are that they’re highly qualified and use modern equipment. Get fixed up soon because once decay sets in, it only worsens the prognosis!

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