If you are a pro athlete or aspiring to join the elites, then you know that you have to be on top form and in the best of shape before taking to the track for a competitive run. This means you have to build endurance, resilience, and strength regardless of whether you are a 100 meters sprinter or a marathoner. You can work on these qualities by training hard, eating right, and taking your rule 1 protein and other supplements daily.

It is equally important that you recover and what better way than receiving a deep tissue massage?

Why deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue or sports massage is quite known and preferred by runners due to the technique and intensity used by the masseuse.

Unlike the typical relaxation massage, the sports rubdown targets both the upper and deeper layers of the muscles and fascia and the kneading is more intense due to the pressure and stress focused on the specific parts of the body.

With this type of massage therapy, the masseuse focuses on specific problem areas rather than working the entire muscles. This is especially important for runners since they develop tight spots, cramps and other interconnected issues and, therefore deep tissue massage help alleviate such pains.

 What are the benefits?

It is obviously important to understand all the benefits you stand to gain when going for a deep tissue massage. Here are significant advantages and what it means for your running experience;

–    Improve blood flow to the muscles: by applying stretching routines and lymphatic drainage massage techniques, regular deep tissue kneading opens up your blood vessels, clears any toxins and increases the intensity of blood pumped to your muscles.

–    Relieve pain: sports massage is known to relieve pain, muscle soreness, and cramps that you may get from training or after a race.

–    Better motion and flexibility: one quality of a great athlete is to have the ability to change pace. To do so, you have to be flexible, and by having regular deep tissue massage which incorporates stretching and pulling techniques, you will be able to grow your flexibility.

How often should have you schedule a deep massage session?

Proper timing is the ultimate secrete of maximizing on the benefits of a deep tissue massage. Ideally, your body will be in desperate need of a rubdown after a hard training session and at the end of a race. It is always a good thing to book your session then as this will help you in recovery.

How about a massage session before a race? When is the best time? Since sports massage is known to be a bit stressful and leave you slightly sore, it is best to have a session done 3-5 days before taking it to the track.

In conclusion, massage sessions are also a contributing factor to a better performance on the track for any athlete. While you watch your diet, take your supplements and train hard, also consider booking a deep tissue massage session as this will help you become a better runner.