Cosmetic Dentistry: The Importance of Ensuring a Heathy Smile

“Teeth are always in style.” – Dr. Seuss

Have you considered getting your teeth whitened or straightened?But have you decided against it because of the general reputation that cosmetic dentistry has? Regrettably, aesthetic medicine has a bad rap as a consequence of the emphasis on a global youth-driven, appearance-conscious culture. Additionally, ageing naturally tends to be frowned upon by Hollywood’s biggest icons; ergo, they undergo plastic surgery and Botox treatments, etc. so that they can look ageless and beautiful forever.

This reputation, unfortunately, prevents people from considering aesthetic medicine as a viable option for certain medical conditions. Therefore, at the outset, it is important to note that there are legitimate reasons why people should consider cosmetic treatments, especially cosmetic dentistry.

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dentistry

Before we look at why it is vital to make sure that your smile is healthy and all your teeth lined up and sparkling white, let’s have a look at a concise definition of cosmetic medicine, with particular reference to cosmetic dentistry:

Aesthetic medicine

Wikipedia defines aesthetic medicine as an “inclusive term for specialities that focus on improving [the] cosmetic appearance of [people].

Cosmetic medicine includes both invasive (surgical) as well as non-invasive procedures such as plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and dermatology. Furthermore, this medical discipline has a significant role to play, not only as a means of artificial beautification methodology, in our modern world.

Cosmetic dentistry

Furthermore, cosmetic dentistry falls within the overall discipline of aesthetic medicine. However, it stays within the framework of dental medicine. Therefore, any dental work that improves the appearance and sometimes the functionality of teeth, gums as well as your bite. It focuses on the position, colour, alignment, and overall smile.

Why you should consider aesthetic dental treatments

As mentioned above, even though cosmetic dentistry is considered a non-essential item by many professionals, there are valid reasons why you should consider opting for one of these treatments.

Improved dental hygiene

Discoloured teeth are often an indication of gum disease and tooth decay. Additionally, crooked or uneven teeth compromise dental hygiene; making it difficult to keep your teeth clean by brushing and flossing properly. The good news is that by undergoing orthodontic procedures to straighten your teeth will considerably improve your mouth hygiene.

Boost self esteem

The world underestimates the psychological benefits of cosmetic dentistry treatments. There is no doubt that you will feel better about yourself and more confident in the workplace as well as when interacting with your friends and peers when you have straight, shiny white teeth.  Should your teeth be discoloured, crooked, and broken, you will more than likely be self-conscious about smiling; thus, you will not be able to function at an optimal level in the workplace.


Final words

There is no doubt that cosmetic or aesthetic medicine has a role to play in your physical and mental health.Correctly applied, it can improve your quality of life, social interactions and function, as well as psychological wellbeing, all of which are vital for you to thrive in the modern world.

George Abbot

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