Oral or dental health care is as important as our physical health. Although, many people still choose to neglect their oral health leading them to oral health diseases. You must prioritize your oral health and consult a dentist in Powell, TN, to ensure you do not face any issues.

There are some common oral health diseases that many people have faced. You should be aware of such sicknesses. It would help you identify your condition before the disease causes any severe harm. You should also learn and follow different oral hygiene habits to ensure your oral health is far from any disease symptoms.

  • Cavities

Cavities are one of the most common oral health diseases encountered by many people. Cavities are also called tooth decay or caries. When a particular area of your teeth is filled with holes, it means you have a problem with cavities or tooth decay.

Cavities can occur when food, acid, or bacteria form a coating on your teeth of plaque. The acid in the form of plaque tends to eat the enamel, the underlying dentin, or the connective tissue causing cavities. If you feel like you have holes, contact a dentist in Powell.

Common Oral Health Diseases You Should Avoid

  • Gum disease

Gum disease or gingivitis is often associated with the inflammation of the gums. When plaque builds up on the surface of your teeth due to poor oral hygiene, you will likely encounter a gum disease. Gums tend to swell up in gingivitis, and one can experience bleeding when brushing their teeth. If not treated at the right time, gum disease can lead to periodontitis.

  • Broken teeth

Broken or cracked teeth have become a common occurrence regarding oral health diseases. A tooth can likely crack or break when the mouth suffers from an injury. Also, chewing hard food or grinding the teeth can lead to broken teeth.

A cracked tooth can be very painful to deal with. People face many difficulties eating or drinking when they have a broken tooth. You must consult a dentist soon if you suspect a broken tooth.

  • Oral cancer

Unfortunately, oral cancer is another type of oral health disease that is common. Oral cancers include the cancer of gum, tongue, lips, cheek, etc. You will need a dentist’s assistance to recognize oral cancer. Tobacco use, such as smoking or chewing tobacco, can cause oral cancer. To avoid unwanted painful outcomes, one must treat oral health issues as the highest priority.