Firstly, you need to consider how synthetic estrogen works before you fully understand every about clomid. Initially, they were purposely meant for anti-cancer therapy plan. Currently, they are widely applied as part of bodybuilding supplements due to their ability to overpower level of female hormone knows as estrogen (anti-estrogen clomid)

How synthetic Estrogen works

Various Synthetic Estrogen is not similar to the hormones they are founded on. It implies that they bind to estrogen receptors within the human body by imitating estrogen hormone profile.

 However, the difference is that they never exert the similar effects within the system of parent hormone. Rather they effectively hold the attention of an estrogen receptor.

Hence, they ensure that the actual estrogen in a body can’t completely achieve its purpose. Our body needs body building estrogen as means of managing the cholesterol level and right level maintenance of the bone density.

Another important advantage of Clomid is its ability to stimulate the release of follicle-stimulating-hormone that is required for the testosterone production.

Benefits of Clomid to bodybuilders 

Clomid was recognized due to its effectiveness when it comes to treating women disorders such as infertility and ovulation. As the matter of fact, Clomid has been mostly used and up to date it still used for medical purposes especially for curing female infertility issues.

But currently, its benefits have gone beyond from treating infertility to bodybuilding. Bodybuilders and athletes make use of its health benefits, such as restoration of natural production of male sex hormones like testosterone.  It is recognized by different names such as clomifert and clomifene,

Clomid Working Mechanism

Basically, Clomid acts as inhibiting the action of an estrogen in the hypothalamus. The users of an anabolic steroid to bind the estrogen or as antiestrogenclomid. In fact, Clomid can be defined as an excellent steroid for individuals who intend to achieve superb bodybuilding advantages.

Besides providing benefits of curing women infertility and increasing amount of fluid during ejaculation, with no direct one on one link to bodybuilding but an indirect relationship between those two is intensified.

Another essential benefit of Clomid is weight loss that assists most bodybuilders. Majority of bodybuilders have reported an efficient result of staying active by using this drug after intense workout moment.

Substitute for Clomid in bodybuilding

There are other substitutes for taking Clomid for bodybuilding. In fact, the results of Clomid supplement might not be effective to some bodybuilders, thus it is important to take balance diet as well as doing some regular workouts to accomplish fast and best bodybuilding outcomes.

Additionally when a bodybuilder has a proper testosterone in the body, definitely they must achieve a healthy body.

Therefore taking Clomid comes with numerous benefits. If you want to start Clomid schedule to achieve bodybuilding target, you should first consult your doctor. A certified doctor is always in a position to tell whether a particular drug is good for your health.

He can also prescribe depending on your current health condition, your medical history, and bodybuilding estrogen goals

Briefly, Clomid is an effective drug that designed with great assistance for beginner bodybuilders. All you have to do is to make sure that your workout is ideal for post cycle treatment so as to enjoy impressive bodybuilding outcomes.

A female bodybuilder can also extremely benefit by using Clomid as part of bodybuilding schedule. Therefore, if you are looking forward to having a healthy and strong muscular body, try Clomid with its beneficial outcomes.


Besides, you should also be aware of its side effects as well as its interaction that can probably involve as result of using it. That’s why is recommended that fists you should consult an expertise pharmacist before you start taking these meds.