Choose the Best Dentist with These 5 Easy Steps

Choose the Best Dentist with These 5 Easy Steps

Choose the Best Dentist with These 5 Easy Steps

Having excellent teeth is a must. Once we grow up enough to have our permanent teeth, we must take care of them properly. Losing one of them won’t grow back up. This is why we must visit the dentist regularly and take care of our oral cavity daily.

Choosing a great dentist is not easy, though. A poor choice may end up in pain. Not all dentists are amazing at what they do, so you need to know which one’s best for you. Looking for a dentist’s perfect smile is a good idea, but there’s something more valuable.

In this article, we’re going to dive deeper into the ocean of information. We’ll show you what must be done if you want to locate the perfect choice for you. Read on and see what the crucial steps are that must be undertaken in the search for the rock star dentist out there!

1. Search the online map

The first thing you need to do is to search for the nearest practices. There’s no logic in traveling hundreds of miles into another city because you heard there’s a great dentist there. You need to find the best one located near you.

To do this, you should open the search engine you’re using, and type in dentists near me. You’ll see a lot of practices on the map. If you’re living in Jacksonville, for example, you’ll see dozens of them available on the map.

Make sure your location is turned on and visible by the browser. This way the search engine will have a much easier time showing everything available near you.

2. Make a list of the 10 closest

When you see them on the map, it’s time to make a list of the closest that will be taken as some of the best choices. Write a list of 10 practices that are closest to you. This list is going to be used further for making the best choice.

Every other practice can be considered as too far away. One of these ten will surely be good enough for you. You just need to find out which one it is. That can be done through the next three steps.

3. See their experience

One of the crucial features to look at a dentist is their experience. These doctors go through a serious and long education system to learn everything about the human oral cavity. However, theory and practice do not always go together. See here why experience matters.

A great doctor will need to spend years before they become rock star dentists. They probably had some practice during learning, and they might have been practicing their craft as volunteers or assistants somewhere, but they become truly amazing only after they gain enough experience.

Go through their pages or call them on the phone and see which one is the most experience. See how long they’ve been in the business. It’s always better to choose a 50-year old doctor with 30 years of experience than a good-looking person with no experience.

After all, you’re going there for health reasons, and you’re looking for the best health service possible. Take at least half of them off the list. Takedown those who have the least experience. You don’t need them, the rest is most certainly better.

4. Run them through the review sites

In an era of the internet, information is everywhere. You can find info about everything that you’re thinking of. You just need to know where to look.

When it comes to searching for dentists, there are more excellent review sites. Some of the most popular are Yelp, Google, 1800Dentist, and many others. It’s to you where you’re going to go and search. See why reviews are crucial here:

What you’re supposed to be looking for are ranking and previous clients’ comments and satisfaction. See how your remaining choices are ranking. Those who are ranking higher means that they’ve received better reviews. People see them as more reliable than others.

Go through the comment section too. See what people think about your choice. Lower the list of practices to two or three and go to the final step which will make you decide what the best option for you is.

5. Compare prices

Finally, when you take down your choice to only two or three options, it’s time to ask how much they charge. Some people have health insurance that covers dentistry. If you’re insurance covers fixing your teeth, then see what your options are and choose that one.

If you need to pay out of your pocket, then you should consider the lower price. Dentists are expensive and going to one place instead of another can save you hundreds of dollars in some cases. Why wasting your money if you can pay less.

Of course, don’t choose the one that’s the most affordable. Only choose the more affordable between those who are your last choice and seem to be equally good. If you’re hesitating which one to choose, let the price decide for them, but never let the price be the priority.


After you did all the research, it’s time to reach a decision. As you can see, this method is simple and always lead to the best possible solution. You’ll find a close practice, an experienced dentist, someone who makes people satisfied, and is fairly affordable. What more to look for in a dentist than this?

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