When you are going to buy air fryer, you can read this article prior to purchase. It tells about air fryer reviews.

Avalon Bay AB Air Fryer 200SS:

While this product is asked for review, it is obtained that people who are much concentrated on air frying can go with this product. It is suitable for both fry and deep fry. Through this, everything will be outputted in crispy manner. The main benefit over this product is, it gives easy cleaning and also provides safety washing. It has non stick coating to deliver everything better.

Gowise USA GW22631 4th Generation XL Electric Air Fryer:

 This fryer has touch screen feature. Through that, you can perform up to 7 different operations under cooking. It may be pricy for people who look at low price. After you use it for first time, you will start to feel that it is completely worth for its cost. It gives you ability to use its pre built programming settings. It gives you different world of cooking. It may look larger than other fryers. If you are looking for larger and modern air fryer, it will be optimal solution for you.


Philips HD9220 Air Fryer:

As similar to other fryers, it is a perfect appliance for one who is expecting frying in healthier way. It also gives you possibility to bake and roast food. It is suitable for cooking any kinds of food in addition to frozen food. Apart from its health related benefits, it also provides external benefits. It is very easy to clean. Since it operates in fast manner, you need to pay your retention on food. According to instructions, you need to go with this fryer. With some pre packaged foods, instructions will be telling that it should be kept inside fryer for long time and so focus on frying with fryer.

Philips HD9230 Digital Air Fryer:

This air fryer just needs little space to be placed. It is a new model but comes with various advantages rather than its previous model. It is a fast framer and gives capability of cooking French kinds of food within 8 minutes. As with previous model, it also possesses few common features. It gives easy cleaning. You no need to worry about its operation as it is very easy to operate. With this fryer, you will get 35 page cook book and it is suitable for you to make delicious foods and healthy foods.


When you are in condition to stop eating fried foods, you can use this fryer as it is fully based on air cooking. Frying may be avoided to prevent diseases caused by oil. When you are supposed to use this air fryer, you will never bother about diseases arise from oil. As per reviews, this is proved to deliver healthy foods. Now, you may think on the fact that, as it is free from oil, is there any chance to obtain delicious food? Yes, it is not only able to give you healthy food but also delicious food.