Can You TRUST Super Anadrol Results For Bodybuilding?

Anadrol was initially developed to treat patients with anemia and help them to restore the count of red blood cells and in HIV patients to restore their healthy body weight. Looking at the same properties, Anadrol is used by body builders as a second option to the steroid Dianabol and also because it is cheaper.

Due to its ability of increasing the count of red blood cells, it helps in keeping the tired feeling away and hence one can perform much better at the gym and reach the desired goals of muscle building and strength. Body builders have noticed a weight gain of 20-30 pounds in 4-6 weeks with the use of Anadrol which helps in lifting heavy weights and hence you get more strength in your muscles.

What is Super Anadrol? Know more

Super Anadrol is also known as Anadrol 50 which means it has a potency of 50mg. Apart from this, Anadrol is also known as Oxymetholone, Protanabol,Anapolon, Anasteron, Danabol and many more names.

Dosage ofSuperAnadrol/ Anadrol 50

Anadrol is easily available in the form of 50mg pills and is also used by many in the same form. But it is always recommended for the first time users to start with 25mg as it allows checking on how your body is able to tolerate the drug and may be later you can slowly increase the dose if required. With such a low dose also one can see good results as Super Anadrol is a dietary supplement and is quite an effective drug.

Note: A few points to keep a note while taking Anadrol 50 are:

  1. It may react with some drugs and so, check with a doctor before starting to take Anadrol 50.
  2. It should be taken on a daily basis with food
  3. Pregnant and women who are breast feeding should avoid taking Anadrol 50.
  4. Your diet should not be high in sodium.
  5. Taking proper dose is essentials as too much increase in red blood cells can blog your arteries and affect blood flow.
  6. Your results stop after a certain dose and at a point. This is obvious from Anadrol.

 Anadrol for Body Building:

Many body builders prefer Anadrol due to its powerful anabolic properties. It is even considered to be 3 times more powerful than testosterone.Anadrol is usually stacked with other steroids and one has to be sure about the proper combination to get those desired results.

While using Anadrol, body builders get huge muscle mass which is the first reason for them to choose Anadrol. They experience a gain of 20-30lbs in about 4-6 weeks while increasing strength and power.

By using Anadrol in off-season, there is a performance increase and an increase in muscle too.

It is also a good steroid to be used in the cutting cycle. It will help you to retain the muscle while you lose the fat. But there is a need for high carbs diet in this cycle to see the effectiveness of Anadrol.

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