Busting the myths of root canal treatment – Throwing light on the facts

Busting the myths of root canal treatment – Throwing light on the facts

Busting the myths of root canal treatment – Throwing light on the facts

The thought of a root canal can give you an uneasy feeling since you’re not acquainted with the procedure and you have no idea about the same. The dentistry industry is filled with misconceptions and myths on endodontic treatments like root canal treatment. Many are of the opinion that root canals lead to pain, can often lead to illnesses, and that it should be avoided at any cost.

But the truth is exactly the opposite. There is no such pain associated with root canal treatment and avoiding such endodontic treatments due to pain is certainly not recommended. Let’s bust the most common myths of root canal and throw light on the facts so that you can start believing in them.

Myth #1: Root canals are painful

Yes, this could have been true decades ago when there was no such advancement in the dental technology. But thanks to modern technology that you won’t feel any pain other than the feeling of getting your cavity filled. Do you feel the pain of a damaged tooth? Toothache can get serious, especially when there is a damaged tissue inside the tooth. But if you let the endodontist remove this tissue through an RCT, you’ll get cured quickly. Endodontists are great in pain management.

Myth #2: It’s better to extract a tooth rather than having a root canal done

If you still have the chance of saving your natural teeth, there is no better option than that. Remember that there is nothing artificial that can replace the actual function of a natural tooth. Hence, root canal treatment should always be a desirable option. There are reviews that say that most of the root canal-treated teeth last for a lifetime.

Myth #3: Crowns can lead to the necessity of a root canal

There are many people who believe in the myth that when you have a crown on your tooth, this will gradually necessitate the requirement of a root canal treatment. But the truth is far from this. Crowns will never lead to a root canal treatment. However, in case a crowned tooth needs a root canal, the reason might be deep-rooted decay underneath the crown, which might have reached the tooth pulp.

Myth #4: Pregnant women should stay away from root canals

This is yet another myth associated with root canal treatment. Many pregnant women believe they shouldn’t ever opt for RCT as this exposes them to radiation. On the contrary, the truth is that getting a root canal requires you to do a small x-ray. Exposure to radiation is minimal here and moreover, the xray is aimed towards the mouth and not to the abdominal area. So, in case your dentist needs to perform an xray of your teeth when you’re pregnant, he will cover your belly with a lead apron. Even the anesthetics and sedatives are safe for them.

Myth #5: Root canal treatment can lead to illness

There is too much information on the web that says you’ll fall ill once you undergo root canal surgery. You will easily become susceptible to different kinds of illnesses in future. But this is not true. These claims are based on poorly conducted research done centuries back. Considering the present advancement in dentistry, there’s no such evidence that proves a link between root canal treatment and illnesses.

So, now that you know the scoop on root canals, would you ever again feel afraid of getting them done? Forget the myths and start believing in the fact, at least when it is about your dental and oral health.

George Abbot

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