Ever heard of breast lift and breast implants? You probably must-have. Because celebrity culture and social media have hugely influenced the mindset of today’s generation. To be honest most of our daily lives are mostly influenced by celebrities, movies and TV shows. Most women are influenced by changing their bodies to look like celebrities.

Breast lifts, also called mastopexy is being considered by many women these days. It is basically a surgical procedure performed by a plastic surgeon to modify the shape of your breast.

Overview of the surgery

  • Excess skin from your breasts is removed.
  • They reshape the size and change the tone of your breasts.
  • The surgery won’t significantly change the shape of the breasts but you can notice the difference.
  • The surgery is said to increase our self-esteem and confidence.

breast lift

Reasons why it is done

  • It can be done in a combination of breast augmentation and reduction.
  • You can have this surgery if you feel like your breasts sag or your nipples point downwards.
  • The breasts sag because as your age increases, the tissue loses its elasticity and firmness. It’s not something to be worried about. It happens to many women.
  • It can also be due to pregnancy. There is a lot of stress on the body due to pregnancy as there is the development of breast milk during this period. However it can be treated with surgery.
  • Another reason for your breasts losing firmness may be because you lost weight recently. This causes your skin to stretch and lose its elasticity.
  • There is another unbelievable reason why your breast sag. It can be due to gravity. Overtime, gravity has an ability to stretch and sag your breasts.

However, a breast lift surgery can be done to treat this problem the surgery can even reduce the area of areolae (darker region) to keep them in position and maintain the firmness.

Risks of having breast lift surgery

This breast lift surgery comes with side effects. Some of them are scarring, the difference in nipple sensations and breast sensations, difficulty in breastfeeding etc. Sometimes if the surgery doesn’t go as planned there can be irregularities in the shape and size of the breasts and also sometimes total loss of nipple and areolar region. This happens when the blood supply to areolar region is stopped. So, consider your surgery after proper research and full commitment.