Bone augmentation- what is it and how it work

There are two types of jawbones in a person’s mouth lower jawbone, which is known as mandible. This is the biggest, most powerful, and lowest part of the mouth. This bone helps to shape up the lower jaw and hold lower teeth. The other type is maxilla, which is the upper jawbone. This bone holds the upper teeth. Jaws can have many problems some of them can be even life threading such as cancer, other problems are Fractures, Dislocations, Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and Osteonecrosis, which happens when your bones lose their blood supply. Some problems can occur with jaws because of accident. That can be structural problems and need new bones to be treated. For any kind of dental implantation, it is very important that the patient have a powerful jawbone with enough size to support the teeth. The loss of jawbone can occur due to lose of teeth.

Some people do have very small jawbones. The size of the bone is not enough to support the teeth so doctors perform a surgery to add extra bone. It is also important before placing an implant to make the jaws strong enough to handle the surgery.

Bone augmentation

This is the term which describe different treatments which are being use to put an extra bone in the jaw so that implantation can be performed. Grafting is the typical process of adding bone or bone type material. In grafting doctor can use the bone of the patient or it can be obtained from a dead person. The grafting material takes many months to combine with existing bone of the jaw.  Off–the-shelf grafted materials either cause nearby bone to rise into the graft or cause cells around the graft to change into bone. The graft from the person’s own mouth can relocate the jaw cells or it block the bone that combines with the jaw.

There are many types of processes of bone augmentation. Doctors tell the patient which method will be useful for him, that depends on the type location and how many plants will be required.  A good doctor will explain all the options to his clients and decide the one with which the client is more okay.

The best way to perform this surgery is to use clients own bone which comes from ramus which is the back part of your lower jaw or chin. If the bone of these areas is not big enough than they will use a part of the hipbone or shin bone. From hip a big bone can be obtained that is why mostly doctor prefer this bone to use for Bone augmentation. However, to perform surgery through this bone the patient will need general anesthesia.

Some people do not like to use their own bone for the process so doctors use other methods such as they made materials from bone of human cadavers or cows. Some doctors are using Synthetic materials as well. Some best clinics in the world like  are using new products for the procedure such as protein-2. This product helps to turn some specific body parts in to bones with grafting.


George Abbot

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