Best way to protect your Skin

Best way to protect your Skin

Best way to protect your Skin

In the recent past, skin therapy was associated with women and celebrities. With time, this has changed as society has embraced skincare. As such, you can get a non-surgical cosmetic treatment to keep your skin younger for longer. Peach Medical Group is a leading health and wellness center in Yuma, Arizona, providing quality skincare services. Professionals at Peach use advanced technology and equipment to give you a glowing and healthy skin. These are the top services that you can get at Peach to improve the quality of your skin.

Services Offered by Peach Medical Group

You can book an appointment via the phone or online for the following services at Peach.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Light therapy is used to treat the skin and maintain its integrity in a fast and painless procedure. The treatment focuses on reducing the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun that threaten your skin. The professionals use Optima IPL Photo-rejuvenation to correct imperfections on the vascular and pigmentations. Your physician will use patented technology to fine-tune the treatment procedure to suit your skin type. The procedure also stimulates the production of elastic fiber and collagen to improve the quality of your skin.

Best way to protect your Skin

Laser Hair Removal Services

Is body hair making you feel quite uncomfortable among your peers? Worry no more because you can find the best laser hair removal at Peach. The process is conducted by specialists using the unique Triple Pulse laser hair removal. The specialists zap your hair thrice for improved precision. At Peach, the technicians use different types of lasers that are ideal for different skin types hence reducing the risk of complications.

Botox and Filler Services

Technology provides you the opportunity of improving your physical appearance with the help of professionals. Peach uses clinically proven Botox and Dermal Fillers that are FDA approved to enhance your beauty. At Peach, you can get rid of little wrinkles and lax skin through quick, painless, and efficient means. The treatment sessions are brief, lasting for approximately five minutes each. You can visit the health and wellness center to reshape your nose, lips, and removal of wrinkles to help you look younger.

Skin and Scar Resurfacing Services

Scars are a constant reminder of past adventures. The professionals at Peach Medical Group use skin and scar resurfacing techniques to trigger the production of elastic fibers and collagen that are required by the skin to regain its glow. You can book an appointment for the therapy to get rid of acne and regain your self-esteem. Peach advocates for the use of evidence-based and FDA-approved techniques that are customized to the characteristics of each scar. After each visit, you will experience improved skin elasticity and faster healing of wounds and scars.

Tattoo Removal Services

Getting a tattoo requires precision and caution, as you probably want to have it on your skin forever. You might need to get rid of your tattoos for one reason or another. Peach uses advanced technology and techniques to remove your tattoo within a short time period. The professionals use PiQo4 laser technology to get rid of colored and non-colored tattoos and protecting the tattooed skin section. The time taken for full tattoo removal depends on skin color, location, size, and color of the tattoo.

The techniques highlighted above can be used to improve the quality of your skin without requiring surgery or over the counter drugs. As you visit Peach Medical Group in Yuma, you should not be worried as treatment is tailored to suit your skin type and skin problems.

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