Ashwagandha has had its mention as early as in the mention in the various ancient Hindu scriptures. The ones who swear by the ancient medicinal ways of the ayurveda; and even the herbologist could never stop raving about this herb in optimum! Such is its impression. It was initially known for its therapeutic properties as a pain reliever of chronic and the serious ailments. It was given the regard of a one herb-all cure kind of a place in the hearts of both the affected and the doctor.  It has gain one moiré accolade now-of being considered as one of the most effective nootropics available today. No wonder it is called the Indian ginseng. It is one plant whose every part is worth its being- be its stem, roots, and even leaves- they all constitute its efficacy of the therapeutic effect. Even today, as the world is yet again looking at the most natural of the medicines and cures for a large chunk of the ailments, this is one herb that is the darling of many!


Tablets: A capsule capping so much in its ring!

Now, as many a forms of ashwagandha, or the Withania somnifera as its botanical name, are available in the market for the consumers- be it the powdered form or the tea one, it is the ever favorite form of tablets that have been always in high demand, as the tablets are easy to use and store. Some of the most common ailments that it has been used to cure has been:

  1. It has always been known to be a powerful anti-oxidant. Its effect is most potent in the brain cells as it shields them against any damage or the after math of natural aging.
  2. The ones who take it regularly see themselves beings completely getting rid of any symptoms of stress and anxiety. And the ones already afflicted with emotional diseases and
  3. Imbalances see a gradual cure to their problems by its usage.
  4. These tablets when consumed as prescribed help in mental clarity and focus. So, no wonder they are a big hit with the students and professional all across the rung!
  5. It consists of natural compounds like flavonoids and withanolides, (of the Withania family) that have this special feature to induce peaceful sleep. So, this is yet another most consumed by the insomnia affected.
  6. They have also been known to be highly beneficial in showing results related to the neurologically degenerative diseases like ADHD or even dementia. This is because, the herb has restorative properties- to repair the ill-effects of any brain cell or nerve damage in any sort of physical or emotional mishappening.
  7. Since its origin has always been believed to be from the Indian sub-continent, this ‘fresh smell of horse’ herb is called the Indian Ginseng.

It is the modern day form of ashwagandha-the tablet one. But the rest remains unchanged- the modern connotation symbolizing a round world in the wrap of its assured positives! Read the reviews posted here.