All you need to know about elbow pain, its causes and symptoms, and how it can be treated

All you need to know about elbow pain, its causes and symptoms, and how it can be treated

All you need to know about elbow pain, its causes and symptoms, and how it can be treated

Elbow pain typically affects your daily activities, especially chronic pain. Although it may seem to be a minor issue at first, it may later develop into extreme pain such that your everyday life is altered. Treatment of elbow pain in East Brunswick is offered by a team of experienced and able specialists, who will walk you through your journey until you are healed. They create an atmosphere in which it is intimate in such a way that you will be comfortable, and you will receive a personalized type of care for your elbow pain.

What causes elbow pain?

The most common causes of elbow pain include the following types of tendonitis:

Tennis elbow

Also known as lateral epicondylitis and it occurs when the tendons of your outer elbow are overused. It mainly affects tennis players and other people who often make a specific type of repetitive motion. A good example is when you lift heavy boxes regularly.

elbow pain

Golfer’s elbow

This type is also known as medial epicondylitis, and it affects the inner part of your upper arm. It is most common in golfers and sometimes affects people who often flex their wrists or clench their fingers tightly. A relevant example of such people is gardeners or painters.

Other causes of elbow pain may include fractures, joint inflammation (bursitis), arthritis, nerve entrapment, and elbow dislocation.

What other symptoms go along with elbow pain?

If elbow pain is not treated, it may become worse and be accompanied by other symptoms. These symptoms may include swelling, tingling, restricted movements, numbness, and stiffness. Elbow pain can at times extend down your arm towards your hand, and in such a case, it can cause weakness in the grip and pain.

How is elbow pain treated?

The treatment options offered usually depend on what is causing your pain. The first treatment is rest which entails temporary discontinuation in your sport or taking time off work. Rest allows the bone or irritated tissue to naturally heal.  Other treatment options prescribed may include bracing, icing, oral medication, or other conservative measures.

If you do not respond to such treatments, the specialist may prescribe a stronger pain relief measure such as steroid injections. This type of treatment has the ability to combat pain and inflammation for an extended period of time or even months.

Physical therapy may also be offered as a treatment option. This therapy involves pain-relieving measures and special exercises which can help you feel better.

A surgical option can be performed when non-surgical options do not relieve your elbow pain. The type of surgery usually performed is known as arthroscopic surgery. It involves loose tissue removal, the release of scar tissue buildup, or resurfacing of worn bones, which is a permanent solution to elbow pain.

In conclusion, you should not take elbow pain lightly since it can become worse with time. If you have elbow pain and need help, do not hesitate to call Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates or book an appointment with them online today.

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