It is normal for every parent to worry about his or her kid being unwell. However, what most parents do is take their child to emergency care for every small wrong thing that their kid is going through. This is not a good sign and therefore in this article, we are going to highlight the mistakes that most parents make.

Many times, the case would have been just a normal one where a regular appointment would do its work, but many parents choose to go for urgent care. Hence, it is important to understand the situation as they are not unique and there is no solution like the one-fits-all type. If you are looking for pediatric urgent care in San Fernando, then you should meet the medical team at the Kids & Teens Medical Group. Here you will get the best of podiatrists who can provide high-quality pediatric care and pediatric urgent care services.

About Pediatrician Services

When a child becomes sick, every parent gets worried, and the first thing we do is seek help from a doctor. Though this is normal, many times it is important to wait and see how the illness is developing. Many times it is better that you give yourself and your kid a day or two to see how your child’s body is fighting the illness. You can talk guidance from the pediatrician instead of going to him directly and following what he says.

In many cases, a face-to-face regular meeting with the pediatrician would also solve a problem. You need not go to urgent care. However, that being said, there are certain cases where you would require emergency services, especially if your child is showing signs of extreme distress.

pediatric urgent care

Difference between ER and Urgent care

Most of us are not even aware that ER (emergency room) and urgent care are two different resources for emergencies. ER is specifically used for cases like life and death situations like heart attacks, but when you just have intense pain, which might be due to a kidney stone, then you need to go to urgent care.

Why choose urgent care over ER?

ER, as I said earlier, is for the sickest people. Here, hospital staff would look after people who are very sick or with contagious diseases. So by going to the ER, you do not want you or your child to get exposed to unwanted diseases. Also, the cost of an ER is much more than any other urgent care.

It is very important that you, as a parent, understand the criticality of the situation and then run to the emergency room.