All about the masterpiece – Roger Druckman

Dr. Roger Druckman is one of the experts in the industry of dentistry. As a dentist, he has explored many colors and possess various awards for being the best dentist. He is a man who possess all the colors of a dentists. He loved exploring the field of dentistry and as a credit to that awards and rewards showered him. He is located at Denver, Colorado. His specialty is to provide a very gentle consultation to the patients with exact cure. His voice is as gentle as his treatment. Their concern offers treatment on all areas like General Dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, implantations, root canal dentistry and so on. As all the services are offered, this is preferred for family oriented dental care. Dr. Roger Druckman was born in New York city. He obtained his undergraduate degree at Zeckendorf campus and went to receive the

dental degree at New York University College. After completing his graduation, he served as a dentist in the United States Army Dental Corps.


Fellowships and awards

He has successfully earned 4 fellowships – 1 in general dentistry and 3 in TMJ diagnosis. He has

also, mastered the implantology from American Academy for Implant dentistry. He was not tired

studying. That too when it was dentistry, he never stopped studying and he mastered almost all

the phases of dentistry. He completed orthodontic proem and mastered that as well. Bearing too

many degrees and knowledge, he had few professional honors and fellowships.

  • 2012 – Diploma in Pain management
  • 1983 – Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry
  • 1987 – Fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International
  • 1988 – Fellow of the International College for Orthopedics
  • 1989 – Fellow of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain
  • 1989 – Soviet Union: Invited to represent United States in delegations
  • 1990 – China: Invited to represent United states

Lot of recognition in a short period

More than all this he was invited for giving lectures about dentistry and he also educated the

fellow students who is hearing to his lecture “How to be a successful dentist?”. To meet

Vietnam, he was invited to represent United States in 2005 as an executive director pf American

Society of Pain management. Though he was mastering almost all the subjects of dentistry, he wanted to excel and advance them to the current trend. Hence, he underwent few advanced dental programs. 2-year orthodontic program for pain management in 1984 and another 2-year for American Straight wire association in 1986. He also continuously completed 4 courses on orthodontics in 1983. Adding to all this came implantology, he completed the 1 year course in 2004 for implantology.  People keep wondering how a person can study all these in a very short period. He made it possible and for that he calls “Passion pulls me to study on and on”. He marks that when a person is passionate about something, it is easy to do that. Similarly, when I am passionate about dentistry, it is not boring me says the doctor. Indeed he is a masterpiece not only on dentistry but also on life.

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