A woman who is pregnant will experience various changes in their body. Some kind of changes will put them into pain and it may also create panic to the pregnant women. The Braxton hicks are one such problem experienced by almost all the pregnant women. This is nothing but contractions and it is commonly mentioned as false pain. Women who are between second and third trimester will experience this type of contraction. Usually women will have a great fear which then tends to experience this pain. But in practical there is nothing to get panic. This pain will lost up to maximum of 2 minutes. At times this pain will get relieved when they change their position.

Braxton hicks an labor pain

Many women tend to suffer a lot as they will be unable to differentiate Braxton contractions and labor pain. But there are some ways through which they can find the difference between these two pains. The labor pain will be felt for a long time but this will not be the case with Braxton contractions. The pain which is caused because of Braxton contractions will last only for 30 seconds. In some rare cases, it may consume 2 minutes but not surely more than that. And the most important thing is Braxton contractions will be experienced mostly in the early stages of pregnancy. In some cases, this pain can be realized couple of times in an hour. But it is to be noted that not surely more than it. In case, if the pregnant women tend to experience pain more frequently, they can take it to doctor’s concern.


The tightening in uterine muscles is the main reason behind the contraction. This may also be caused because of the effacement of cervix. Apart from these, there will not be any major reasons which cause this type of contraction.

The facts

By considering the following facts about braxton hicks, women can get rid of their stress about pregnancy. Even though Braxton contractions are painful they are not painful more than labor pain. They are also less intense when compared to labor pain. As mentioned above, they will be very shorter. In case if a pregnant women tend to experience pain under these factors, they can consider it as false pain and can avoid getting panic.

Are they risky?

In case if the pregnant women tend to experience the above mentioned factors, there is nothing to get panic. But it is to be noted that there are some circumstances which needs medical attention immediately. For example in some case women may have light bleeding. They get contractions number of times in an hour; there may also be watery discharge in some cases; in some cases there will be severe cramping in the abdominal region. In case, if a pregnant woman tends to exhibit any such signs, they must be taken into the best gynecologist without making delay. By consulting the experts immediately, greatly risks can be reduced.