The all ceramic crowns are highly popular restorations that are highly attractive for people from all around the world. In the past porcelain was used but now we are faced with a special compound that is ceramic but that is much stronger. Different brand names are associated with these crowns like Optec and Paradigm. No matter the manufacturer, what is important is to understand why the all ceramic dental crowns can be considered. This means you need to look at advantages of ceramic inlays in crowns.


The main advantage associated with using all ceramic crowns as opposed with others is how they are going to look. Since they are made out of only ceramics you can avoid various problems that are common with the other crown types. You end up with new crown teeth that look just like natural teeth, improving the overall esthetics of your smile. Tooth-colored crowns are always going to be preferred and it is hard not to want them when they look so great. Keep in mind that we have 2 main options available:

  • PFM (porcelain fused to metal) – a metal shell will be the main structural part of the crown and porcelain is fused over it to get the desired appearance.
  • 100% ceramic crowns – the entire crown is basically made out of ceramic.


The ceramics types that are utilized will not be abrasive as they are similar to regular dental enamel from this point of view. What we normally see in PFM crowns will be quite abrasive to the dental restorations and opposing teeth, leading to future wear. At the same time, it is possible that a person would be allergic to the metals that are used in PFM crowns.

Placing The Dental Crowns In A Single Visit

This does depend from one dentist to the next but in the event there are milling units that are available at the dental office, it is possible to have the crowns grinded out of quality ceramic blocks. This practically means the dentist does not have to order the all ceramic crowns. After the tooth is prepared, the crown would be immediately milled. This is a process that only takes around half an hour. It is then cemented and all this is possible through a single visit at the dentist’s office. The traditional dental crowning technique is going to be a 2 visit process.

Things Of Interest

Keep in mind that one of the big problems in dental work using ceramics is that there are some dishonest dentists that are going to say they only use ceramics when the truth is not that. This is why it is really important that you choose a dentist with a spotless reputation. Fortunately, you can easily use the internet in order to see more about the work of the considered dentist.

It should be added that, contrary to what many think, not all dentists are going to be able to install dental crowns made out of 100% porcelain. You do want to conduct a good research and choose an experience dentist for the procedure.