There are some situations that cause a knocked-out tooth or teeth. For example, suppose that you are driving and suddenly a car appears in front of you, and you have an accident. What will happen next? You may miss your front tooth. Or think about sports injuries or even advancing age. Sometimes, the gum is not healthy and cannot support the tooth. In all cases, you cannot eat food easily, speak freely, or smile with confidence. In these cases, what is the solution?

The only solution is the tooth replacement option. It restores your oral functionality. Many years ago, there were removable solutions. Dr. Ayoughi, An expert who performs dental implants in Vancouver argues that usually, people got dentures or bridges. As they were temporary, people had lots of problems with them, and they should refer to the dentist every several years to have them replaced. However, today you can find more permanent solutions.

From the Base to the Crown
Actually, there are three major parts in the structure of the dental implant, the titanium fixture in the gum, an abutment on the base, and a cover that is crown or prosthesis. The titanium base is compatible with human’s body. As it is fixed in the gum so that you will not be worried about its replacement while speaking. You will be relaxed during this process because anesthesia is used. After that, an abutment is used. Finally, they are covered with a prosthesis.
As explained before, they are fixed and permanent like the roots of our natural teeth, so you can benefit from them for a lifelong.

Different Kinds of the Permanent Tooth Replacement
Usually, people miss one tooth. In this case, a single implant is used. It fills the gaps for one tooth. However, if the patient has missed two or three teeth next to each other, an option is used that covers all of them at the same time. It is called multiple implants. In this case, there are two titanium fixtures. Then a prosthesis of three teeth will be attached to it. So the middle prosthesis does not have the fixture.

Some people have lost all of their teeth due to advancing age. Sometimes, they want to extract their teeth due to periodontitis. In these cases, the cosmetic dentist offers a full option that is called all-on-four or AO4 implant. It is a complete set that covers one whole jaw arch, either the upper or lower one. As its name implies, it has four fixtures, and a full prosthesis is attached to it.

Who Can Benefit from Implants?
The answer is everybody who has dense and healthy gum tissues. So, the gum disease or insufficient bone will be treated before the placement surgery. You may wonder how insufficient bone is treated. Thanks to advances in new technology, bone grafting can restore your gum. In this process, other materials that are taken from our or animals’ bodies are grafted into the gum. Besides, industrial materials are also used so that the gum will be sufficient.