A Bundle of Wellness Under One Roof

A Bundle of Wellness Under One Roof

A Bundle of Wellness Under One Roof

Imagine a scenario where all your medical needs are taken care of under one roof. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a doctor who doesn’t have to send you to another institution or another agency for part of your treatments? Wellness and Surgery promise you simple wellness procedures to advanced procedures like surgeries. They treat people from Ardsley leg cramps, vein ablations, spider veins, back pains, accident treatments, and offer weight loss surgery and Botox. Whatever your needs are, the specialists at Wellness and Surgery are highly qualified and equipped to treat you. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing services they offer.

  •         Leg Problems

A discomfort in the leg can be a burden and an obstacle to your routine work. This is mainly the case with spider veins, varicose veins, or restless leg syndrome, which are the most commonly occurring problems. Spider veins are threadlike appearances of blood vessels visible beneath the skin of your legs and feet. The problem normally causes a burning sensation, pain, and aching. Varicose veins entail the discolored blood vessels bulging from your legs and feet. Varicose veins are slightly bigger than spider veins. Restless leg syndrome is a condition in which you get an overwhelming urge to keep moving your legs. The problem reduces your quality of sleep and life in general. These problems are easily treatable through sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, or lifestyle changes.

Wellness Under One Roof

  •         Accident Injuries

It is commonly said that an accident won’t arrive with a bell on its neck, and the specialists at Wellness and Surgery understand that perfectly. They also understand that some accidents can cause long-term problems if not taken care of immediately. Therefore, they have a team of highly experienced specialists who will work on your accident injury first hand and ensure that you are comprehensively diagnosed so that nothing is overlooked. Whether you have had an accident at work or on the road, they are qualified to handle all kinds of injuries. They also perform comprehensive diagnosis for possible complications from accidents that only have mild injuries that you decide to overlook.

  •         Wellness Ultrasound

Sometimes you may have unexplained pain or an ache at a certain part or several parts of the body. In such cases, it is possible for you to panic and imagine severe situations which may cause stress and anxiety. This may be uncalled for because the cause of the pain could be mild. Therefore, having a wellness ultrasound is important to put to rest your anxieties. It also enables you to seek the right medical solutions for the issue. Wellness and Surgery perform a non-invasive and safe ultrasound that identifies the cause of most kinds of pains. You no longer have to imagine the worst when you experience pain you cannot explain.

Overall, Wellness and Surgery are equipped to handle the simplest to the most complex health problems. Whether you just want to improve your appearance or want a severe concussion from an accident treated, Wellness and Surgery is the right place to visit. Call or book an appointment online today.

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