7Signs You Have a Good Dentist

7Signs You Have a Good Dentist

Finding a dentist you can trust and like can be hard work, particularly if you’ve got a long medical history or have had a bad experience in the past. In many cases the best dentists focus on how they can help a patient instead of what they can’t do for a patient. Below are seven things that all good dentists should do for their patients:

1.      They Listen to You

A good dentist will want to listen to and help you. The best dentists will be brilliant listeners as well as brilliant at performing procedures.They will want to know if you have any concerns and will be able to answer them in a way you understand. Brilliant dentists won’t rush to perform a procedure before talking and listening to you first.

2.      They Educate You

For all of us who didn’t go to dental school, we rely on our dentist to educate us about medical issues, oral health, treatment options and good habits. The best dentists will be happy to spend time talking to you and will work with you to help improve your knowledge – and your smile.

3.      Their Business is Growing

A dental business that is expanding is a brilliant way to tell if a dentist is good or not. People will not want to attend a dentist who doesn’t spend time with them and doesn’t treat them with respect, nor will they want to attend one who isn’t good at their job. Many dental businesses use Retiring Dentist to look for new business premises and ways to expand their business.

4.      They Respect the Resources and a Patients Time

Many patients find that they are constantly left waiting in the waiting room or they have to spend money on treatments that they can’t afford. These are both signs that your dentist doesn’t respect your budget or your time. Good dentists try to be on time as much as possible and will talk to you about treatments that are within your price range.

5.      They Have a Clean Office

A clean office is extremely important in a dental surgery.If your dentist’s room is dirty, unorganised and untidy then you should consider looking elsewhere.

6.      They Don’t Upsell Products

You aren’t looking for a good salesperson, you’re looking for a good dentist. Good dentists will not try and make a large profit on treatments or products that you don’t want, don’t need and haven’t asked for.

7.      They Care About Their Employees

The best dentists are often the ones who care about and are kind to the other employees in the practise.It’s a good idea to see how your dentist talks to other members of staff because it will give you an indication of their management style and the way they treat people in general.

8.      They Follow Up After an Appointment

Many procedures are long and arduous and can leave you feeling rough for a few hours afterwards. A good dentist will contact you after a procedure like this to make sure you’re ok and that there’s nothing you’re worried about.

Choosing a dentist isn’t something we do everyday, and it isn’t something you should take lightly either. Your dentist should be someone you trust to take good care of you. Finding the right professional for you means working with someone who understands your history, listens to your concerns and is eager to help look after you. Make sure you make an informed decision.

George Abbot

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