Cavities are a common problem that most adults experience in life. While brushing and flossing help prevent such conditions, they cannot be completely efficient since it is difficult to reach the tooth groves where food and other particles gather, initiating decay. Therefore, there is a need for an additional measure. Dental Studios offers dental sealant in Westfield to block bacteria from reaching the deep fissures of your teeth. Book an appointment today.

An interesting fact about sealants is that they have been there since 1960 and have since developed to become better and better. Here are the amazing benefits of dental sealants:

1. Application is pain-free

Applying sealants is a very easy process that will take your doctor just a short time. Application is done on the rough biting surface of your tooth using a brush. It is quick and does not have downtime.

2. They are long-lasting

Dental implants are not permanent. However, the main benefit is that they will give you a service of five to ten years if properly cared for. Therefore, you should book regular appointments with your doctor to get a checkup and cleaning. Specialists recommend once or twice a year.

3. Easy to maintain

Sealants do not require a complicated caring process. Just the normal brushing and flossing should work in preventing damage. Over time, they will wear out and become chipped. When this happens, repairing is very easy. The doctor simply adds extra sealant to give you additional protection.

4. They protect against plaque.

This is the primary function of tooth sealants. They are placed to prevent bacteria from entering areas of the tooth that are hard to reach when brushing. Therefore, you can be sure that there is no accumulation of plaque at the back molars that could have otherwise resulted in major problems. This also saves you money spent on restorative procedures.

5. Most insurance companies cover the procedure.

It is hard to get insurance companies to provide coverage that caters to cosmetic surgery procedures. Patients are thus forced to dig back into their pockets to pay dentists. However, almost all companies cover the full cost of dental sealants.

6. They can be applied early in life.

At around the age of seven, the first set of permanent teeth start to grow. At eleven years, the second set of molars erupt. Even though the patient is still young at this stage, specialists say it is the most appropriate time to apply sealants. You can be sure that the teeth are protected even before experiencing natural wear from repeated use.

7. Improve overall dental health

Good oral health starts early in childhood. It is also the stage where children learn how to care for their teeth properly. Therefore, you should take them for a checkup to check for fissures. If present, the dentist should seal them to provide lasting protection.

The cost of preventive dentistry procedures is relatively low compared to restorative surgery. Therefore, it is advised that you seal your teeth to avoid decay or tooth extractions. For dental sealant or any other dental-related problem, book an appointment with Dental Studios.