Are you taking any prescription drugs? If yes, you must be one of the almost half of Americans who use at least one prescription drug for the last 30 days. This accounts for 3.7 billion drugs ordered as a result of doctor visits, mostly antidepressants, analgesics, and antihyperlipidemic agents.

Apparently, prescription drugs come with a hefty price tag. In fact, not everyone can afford it even if they need to take the prescribed medicine. Thankfully, there are ways where to help you save on prescription drugs.

Here’s what you can do:

Consider Generic Brands

Do you want to know the difference between generic and brand-name drugs? It’s the name.

Both drugs have the same active ingredients, but generic medications are more affordable. You can start by asking your doctor if the generic counterpart is available for the prescribed drug. You may also request for a generic version of the medication you are prescribed to take.

There is a possibility that generic medicine will not work for you. Nonetheless, it’s a good place to try and shift to branded ones if you noticed that it’s not making a positive effect on your body.

Buy Prescription Medicines Using Coupons

Let’s say generic drug didn’t work for you well. In that case, you have no choice but to go for branded ones, which means extra cost for you.

Don’t worry since you still have another option. You can always try couponing. Couponing is a great way to save money because you can get prescription medicines at a lower price.

There are many coupons available for specific medications, both branded and generic. Even those who were diagnosed with diabetes can also find coupons to save on Lantus. Just be patient in looking for coupons that are most suitable for your condition and make sure the medicine is prescribed by your doctor.

Apply For The Patients Assistance Program

Did you know that there are companies that offer programs to assist patients with their medications? It’s called Patient Assistance Program and it can be of big help. In fact, you can get reduced cost or even free medications.

Naturally, this wouldn’t be free for everyone. In fact, every drug manufacturer sets its own standards in choosing who will qualify for this type of program. If you plan to join, you can email your preferred drug company and inquire about this program. Pharmacists could make recommendations as well, so be nice to them when you buy medicine.

Aside from drug companies, the state also has subsidy programs to help low-income seniors cover pharmaceutical costs. Non-profit organizations also offer the similar program, so you might want to look into that for affordable options.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Not many people will be particularly fond of this. Apparently, asking for help from doctors and pharmacists could help you save a lot when buying your prescribed medicines.

“In what way?” you might ask.

Most doctors don’t know how much medicine costs. They will simply give you a prescription and that’s it. If you have money constraints, then be honest with your doctor about it so he could help you come up with more affordable alternatives.

Pharmacists are people you should also be friends with because they are the first to know about promotions and discounts. They can inform you about ongoing promotions or give you coupons from drug manufacturers, which can be helpful for your budget. Aside from this, pharmacists can offer you discount cards or inform you about special programs that will help you score cheaper medicines.

Again, be nice.

Get The Most Out Of Your Insurance Plan

 Do you have an insurance plan? If yes, have you used it already? Otherwise, now is the perfect time to use it. You’re paying the insurance premium every month, so you have to make sure that you maximize what you paid for.

Keep in mind that insurance companies have “formulary” or a list of drugs that are and are not covered. Call your insurance company regarding this to make sure that the medication is on the list.

In case your prescribed medication is not on the formulary, talk to your insurance company and ask for an alternative that is on the list.

Compare Prices Of Prescription Drugs

As a matter of fact, this should be a routine before you buy anything. What you need to drink to help you improve your condition is something you cannot control. Nonetheless, the amount used to buy it is in your hands.

Therefore, always shop around and compare prices. Check the pharmacy counter in the supermarket, drugstore down the street, retail stores that carry the medication, buying directly from the manufacturer, and even online. This gives you a chance to check how much a certain drug is sold and who offers it cheapest. You might even find discount programs, which you should take advantage of for bigger savings.

Saving money on prescription drugs may take some time to dig, but it is possible. Explore your options and find out where you’re most comfortable with so you can save more.