In many ways, low cost invisible brace in Melbourne is the best treatment you could do for your smile. But, there are a few things you must know before your first appointment. If you are wondering whether you need invisible brace treatment, read out the following.

  1. You have to wear them.

You need to keep the invisible brace on for at least 20 hours a day; else you won’t get the best results. Most dentists say that 22 hours a day is the rec, but you can boot two hours if it’s more realistic for your lifestyle. That means breakfast, lunch, and dinner become your power meals. You should be ready for this commitment before opting invisible brace treatment.

  1. You can’t see them.

No one can identify that you are wearing it and that is the reason why they are called invisible braces. With invisible braces in Melbourne, it’s possible to straighten teeth without anyone noticing the braces. For busy professionals who depend on a beautiful smile, this is important.

  1. Your travel toothbrush will become your best friend.

You will need to use one in between meals, so your salad/cereal/chicken doesn’t linger in your mouth longer. If you eat the typical three times a day, you will need it for 21 instances in a single week. That’s a whole lot of brushing; invest in a few.

  1. Don’t clean them with toothpaste.

A murky, yellow invisible brace is the only thing more noticeable than spinach wedged between your teeth. This may happen if you don’t brush after every meal and also if you are washing the brace with toothpaste. Most people think that’s how they are supposed to clean trays, but toothpaste contains abrasive ingredients that can cause build up and odor. Sticking to a mild detergent or soap is a better option.

  1. Limit your morning coffees.

In general, drinking coffee, red wine, tea that can stain your teeth, will stain your invisible brace too. So, if you rely on a cup of coffee to fuel your mornings, be warned. When you wear the invisible braces, you won’t get to enjoy it quite like you used to. You will have to factor it into your allotted time to eat breakfast, or take it out before your second cup and always brush before you put the trays back in.

Invisible brace uses a series of custom-made, removable, clear aligners to move your teeth into a new position and the cost of invisible braces in Melbourne is worth it. As your teeth start to move, you will need to change your aligners regularly. Typically, you will wear a new aligner every two weeks. You will also need occasional check-ups at the practice to ensure everything is going as per plan.

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