5 Best Supplements for Men over 40

5 Best Supplements for Men over 40

Men are becoming more aware of their health and physical fitness. As age progress, the vitality of men decreases at a quick rate. About half of the men between 45-65 years rate their health to be in excellent form. The salt pepper hair reminds you the health is fading, and you need to take precautionary measures for the long term wellness. Mid-life is a critical point in men’s life. From around this age, you need to avoid junk foods and adopt a smart lifestyle, including dietary supplementation.

The food you eat does not have the necessary nutrients due to the extensive use of fertilizers, soil corrosion, food processing, and environmental pollution. There is a substantial hormonal change from mid-life, and the aging process quickens, making you more subject to nutritional deficiencies. Supplementing your diet paired with light exercise keeps the health problems at bay.

Here are a few supplements which rejuvenate you and keep vitality unharmed.

Multivitamin and minerals

The daily cuisine does not provide the necessary and required dosage of nutrients. Multivitamin and mineral supplement provides the requisite amount of nutrition, the body needs. A regular dose of multivitamin lowers the risk of cancer, boosts the immunity system. As you age, the body’s absorption capacity lowers, so a supplement of minerals and vitamins negates this effect.

Vitamin D

Foods like salmon, mackerel, sardines, egg yolk, red meat, liver are enriched with vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for bone structure as it aids the body in absorbing calcium from food. Vitamin D is produced naturally when sunshine falls upon you; if you are not exposed to sunlight for a long time, deficiency can occur. The deficiency of vitamin D leads to cardiovascular disease, cognitive disability, and cancer. Supplementing vitamin D with vitamin k2 keeps you healthy.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 keeps your DNA and RBC robust, but 20% of adults suffer a deficiency. The body does not produce this vitamin, so you need to supplement it. It would be best if you had 2.4mcg per day. This vitamin plays a crucial role in neurons, DNA, RBC formation and mental lucidity.


Omega3 fats are essential fats, meaning the body cannot produce it; you have taken it through diet or supplements. Omega 3 decreases triglyceride, making you more prone to heart disease and stroke, fights depression, and reduces inflammation. Try to eat oily fish enriched with DHA and EPA twice a week with a daily supplement


Magnesium is an essential mineral responsible for 300 enzyme reactions in the human body. This mineral regulates blood pressure, maintains muscle, nerve function and enhances the immunity system. Every cup of coffee, a peg of alcohol, medications, excessive exercise, diarrhea, even chronic depression, depletes this essential mineral, thus making supplements more crucial.

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