4 Treatments Options You Can Consider for Your Joint Pains
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4 Treatments Options You Can Consider for Your Joint Pains

The primary function of joints is to provide support and aid in movement. Additionally, they help in linking flesh and bones. There comes a time when you experience joint pain, mostly as you grow old. This should not worry you much as we have your solution. Friendswood chiropractic care specialists are next door treating joint pains, neck pains, lower back pain, and other forms of chiropractic care illnesses. Joint pain can affect different parts of your body and cause excruciating pain when you move. Here are some of the treatment options for joint pains.

 More About Joint Pain

Joint pain ranges from mild to severe pain and can last from several weeks to months. Any joint pain can affect the quality of your life. Your mobility is likely to be limited. Several options can help you manage joint pain, including physical therapy, medication, and optional treatments. Your physician will begin with a diagnosis and treat the cause of your pain. The main aim is to maintain joint function and reduce pain. 


You can use an over-the-counter medication to treat mild to severe joint pains. Ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen are some of the drugs that provide relief. Even though these medications can provide relief, they also have side effects on your body and can potentially increase the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.  

Physical Therapy

You can also work with a physiotherapist that will help you reinforce the muscles around the joints and increase your range of movement. There are various techniques that your physical therapist will use, such as heat therapy, electrical nerve stimulation, and ultrasound. If you are obese, losing weight can reduce some of the pressure placed on your joints. Exercise and an adequate diet are effective ways of losing weight. While exercising, it is essential to have low-impact exercises that will not irritate the joints. Swimming and bike riding are some of the best forms of exercise that will not harm your joints. Swimming discharges pressure in the joints because water is buoyant.  

Optional Treatments

Some of the research done proves that glucosamine and other supplements aid in improving joint pains and functionality. Glucosamine improves cartilage that helps in cushioning the bones that protect the joints. The glucosamine is available in capsule and liquid form. Even though the supplements do not work for everybody, they are safe to try because they do not have any substantial side effects. 

Homecare Options

You can reduce short-term joint pains with simple techniques at home. You can apply ice to your throbbing pain areas to reduce pain and swelling. If you have muscle spasms around the joints, you can use a heating pad to relieve the pain. Your physician may recommend that you wrap the joints with tape to minimize the movement and avoid keeping it too long because it can become rigid and lose its functionality.  

Contact a Joint Pain Expert Today

Whichever treatment options you choose, always consult your physician if the pain increases. Consult a physician if the pain becomes extreme, your joints swell, and if you lose functionality. You can visit and consult Dr. Haywood at Forever Well Chiropractic Whole Body Wellness Center if you are experiencing joint, neck, and lower back pains. It would be best if you exercise regularly and diet to maintain a healthy life. It is also essential to always consult a physician if you have any sort of pain in your joints.