A machine that can turn ordinary tap water into alkaline water by changing its pH level is said to be water ionizers. When we have our own ionizer, we can make our own business to sell healthy alkaline water and protect oneself from diseases.

Work of a water ionizer, there are basically two chamber present in the ionizer, one chamber consist of alkaline range minerals and other consist of acidic range minerals. The negative electrodes get attracted to the positive minerals in the chamber and the positive electrodes get attracted to the negative electrode in the chamber. Ionization takes place as a water flow to the ionizer. It does not consist of any anhydrates minerals in the water. If the water has no minerals the ionizer produces alkaline or acidic water.

Some best ionizers and their usage were discussed briefly in below pares and that helps in the safer side of the healthy organs.



The body can absorb the ionized minerals more effectively and provides the sufficient minerals. Mineral deficiency seems to be a common syndrome. Water soluble minerals can be added to the body to get enriched of this mineral deficiency and get enrichment of your body by providing sufficient minerals and helps in gaining strength and activeness.

Ionized water is more powerful and that fight against the diseases that are caused by acidic life-style.

  • Powerful antioxidant- Ionizer can help to slow down the aging process by eliminating free radicals and serving as a liquid sterilizer.
  • Electrolysis- Electrolysis present in certain minerals can separate the alkaline aspect of water from the acidic aspect of water.


There is some ionizer present, which helps in reducing the Ph level in the water and they are

  • Alkawave tidal plus ionizer– It provides a smart filtration technology, consist of dual filtration system, provides free shipping and life time warranty. It consists of 9 platinum plates; it is a platinum water ionizer.

It purifies the water helps in preventing the bacteria and provides a protection field against the disease.

  • Alkawave2- Alkawave2 consist of two filters,
  • First filter will remove sediments, small particles and
  • Second filter will remove the bacteria and purify the water.
  • Tidal plus water ionizer- This is one of the best water ionizer helps removing and eliminating bacteria present in water.
  • Detoxification- The body will remove toxins that enter into your body on daily basis. It provides clear skin and helps in providing a good hair growth.
  • Energy- Tidal plus water provides more energy throughout the day. The body gets hydrated, energy is produced and good Ph level is maintained and life time guarantee is provided in this tidal plus water ionizer.

The above following water ionizer’s helps in removing the unwanted substance and add good minerals and needed energy for vital improvement of human body. Ionizer help in ionizing the alkaline and produces needed stamina and power to the body.