Today laser technology is evolved and is very much popular in all over the world. The mild application of laser in your body lets your extra fat decrease eventually. In fact, it does not produce permanent side effects but its effects are temporary only. Here the working process is simple. It certainly defines as the specified body parts will be given laser light frequency. It helps in leaving extra fat levels that are generated in your body. At this moment, many people have a doubt that how many nanometers are lipo LED wavelengths. The answer is gradually the wavelengths utilize nanometer as their measurement unit. So, different wavelengths are defined based on lipo laser machine generations.

Let’s focus on the following key points:

  • There is also a debate which carries out in the process of laser treatment; once the treatment is completed, fat cells will leave the body. So followed by some kind of exercise is essential physically to release out the fats which are left in mild number. Otherwise, if no exercise is done in a span of 8 hours and within, it may also result in body cells filled up with fats again.
  • It works out perfectly and results in affordable positive lines for reducing excessive fats. For greater results; after completion of this procedure, you are required to do some exercises for burning your released fats.
  • Moreover, people also have a myth that higher wavelengths do produce more laser lights on your body and lesser wavelengths do produce fewer lasers light.
  • So, this treatment also involves in how many nanometers are lipo LED wavelengths are prescribed. It is based on 3 generations of these lipo laser machines respectively.

Laser Liposuction pros:

  • Compared to normal liposuction, this laser liposuction is different. It certainly carries out low scaring methodology process for reducing fat levels. It requires less recovery time as it resides with pain after surgery.
  • Paining may take more time interval after completion of surgery. If you have a proper diet and healthy exercise, then there will be no return of gaining fat levels after this treatment is completed.

Liposuction cons:

  • This kind of treatment is not covered medically all over. It is termed as an aesthetic driven process. It resides with high expenses.
  • There are different fluids utilized during the process, which are not removed and most of the people due to their negligence; they are repeating this process for more number of times after few weeks. There might be the occurrence of risks encountered in the process of this laser liposuction.


Hence both pros and cons may arise during this laser liposuction process. But the effects may differ in different ways when coming across person to person. Based on the person’s body metabolism, the side effects may vary accordingly and positive results may also vary accordingly.