To pass a drug test, Fake pee, also known as an “artificial pee sample,” is commonly used. The test sample will undergo three common tests to check the drug content in your sample. You use the bogus sample to pass all three tests.

Here is more detailed information about the synthetic sample and the three tests that were conducted on the sample to check the drug content in it.

When you need to pass a drug test for a variety of reasons, you must use synthetic samples. While preferring a Fake pee sample, you need to check whether the sample will pass the drug test or not.

You could face three types of drug tests with your sample, including

  • Temperature testing
  • Validity dipstick check
  • Immunoassay urinalysis

The sample that you submitted for the test must pass all three tests to prove that you are drug-free. If you fail the test, that poses ridiculous risk to your future.

Temperature testing

You need to hand over the sample within 2 minutes of the collection time. The temperature will be checked; if the sample doesn’t meet the minimum temperature, you will need to resubmit the sample. They will check the temperature strip on the side of the cup that you used to collect the sample and record the temperature of the sample. The sample temperature must be in the range of 90 degrees F to 100 degrees F. If the sample is below 90 degrees F, then your sample will not be accepted for testing.

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Validity dipstick check

Next to the temperature check, a validity dipstick check will be done on your sample. The dipstick will be placed in your sample, and then it will be tested using a panel kit to check for any reaction.

The dipstick checks for the following issues:

  • PH range
  • specific gravity range
  • Creatinine level
  • Biocode preservatives
  • Adulterants
  • Uric acid
  • Urea level in the sample

Immunoassay urinalysis

After completing the above two tests successfully, your sample will undergo immunoassay analysis. This may appear unusual, but it is a standard panel drug test on the submitted sample.

The submitted samples will be placed into a different panel of drug test kits, which is an advanced version of a plastic one. If your sample reacts, then your sample fails the test, and you will be marked as negative for the drug sample.

The fake pee samples are available to pass in with the drug sample without any risk.