Have you ever wondered why the actors and actresses’ teeth are so beautiful and perfectly aligned? They use cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve their smile design.Cosmetic dentistry is performed to improve the teeth’ condition, gums, and jaw. In addition to beautifying the teeth appearance and structure, it also helps keep the teeth and gums healthy.

Many people think that cosmetic dentistry is specifically for those who have problems with their tooth and jaw structure. For example, they think only someone who has deformed teeth should think about cosmetic dental treatments. The good news is that those with regular, healthy, white teeth can use cosmetic dental care. Because preventing gum and teeth disease is one of the primary purposes of cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dental services

The treatments for smile design modification include a complete set of beauty, restorative, and protective items. Here are some of the common methods in cosmetic dentistry.

 Bleaching or teeth whitening

In cosmetic and restorative dental treatments, the teeth should be white and shiny, and the dentist uses bleaching to achieve this purpose. In this method, the teeth, which got discolored or stained, are easily cleaned and whitened. Bleaching can be performed in a dental office, and also the patient can do it at home, but still, a dentist should check the process.

Cosmetic Dentistry

 Teeth Laminate and veneer 

The veneer is a layer of composite resin or porcelain placed on the tooth surface with UV rays. This layer acts as a protector that prevents the teeth from breaking and cracking. At the same time, it gives a beautiful appearance to the teeth. Laminate is another type of coating placed on the teeth as a protector and is made of ceramic material.

 Dental bridges in cosmetic dentistry

Another common treatment in cosmetic dentistry is the dental bridge. In this method, the empty gaps between the tooth and the missing tooth are filled.

Also, if the patient’s teeth are broken or cracked, a dental bridge would be helpful. When the patient’s teeth are arranged, but the gap between them is unusual, a dentist uses this method. However, in case the teeth are irregular, orthodontics is a useful way to reduce the gaps. The dental bridge method is cost-effective and not time-consuming.

 Dental bonding

In this method, the bonded material changes the teeth color and fills the teeth’ empty gaps. When bleaching doesn’t work correctly, a dentist uses dental bonding to give the teeth a shiny and white look. Only one session would be enough for this method to be done. Dental bonding is less resistant than laminate and veneer, and it may break and or get discolored.

Dental implants

In the case of a tooth loss, the patient can use the dental implant method. If the person’s tooth is broken and the root part is still inside the gum, the dentist firstly extracts the root. After a few days, the gums are healed, and then the dentist inserts a titanium screw (tooth base) into the gums. After a few weeks, the screw connects to the jawbone. It is the time for putting the crown on the screw. Dental implants look exactly like usual teeth and last for a long time.