Regenerative medicine is a medical field that treats a variety of conditions and diseases. It is a great treatment option for chronic pain. Sarasota regenerative medicine can help with pain in your knee, wrist, shoulder, elbow, or joints. Traditional treatments are great for managing chronic pain. However, regenerative medicine strengthens your tendons and repairs the tissues. It is not only great for relieving pain but also curing the cause of the problem. Some benefits of the procedure include:

Increased Functionality

One of the biggest benefits of regenerative medicine is that it promotes the production of collagen. It strengthens the problematic tissues and tendons. As a result, you may experience renewed or improved functionality. The increased production of collagen in your body increases the range of motion in your joints.

Accelerated Healing

Unlike traditional methods, regenerative medicine speeds up the healing process. The human body can take care of itself. If you accidentally cut yourself or fall, your wounds recover in just a few days. Regenerative medicine improves the healing power of your body. It targets the specific areas that your body needs to heal. Regenerative medical providers will inject a stem cell or PRP directly into the affected area. The injection accelerates healing for degenerative disease. It can aid in:

  • Regrowing cartilage
  • Repairing degenerated spinal discs
  • Regrowing and repairing ligaments and tendons

You can get back to your daily life activities as soon as possible.

Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Regenerative medicine is great for managing chronic pain and inflammation. Traditional medications often come with side effects. They may not work for everyone. PRP and stem cell therapies may cause some discomfort but they do not have any side effects. They do not introduce any foreign bodies into your body. If your body mistakenly attacks its own tissues, you may experience some inflammation. Regenerative therapy may prevent the problem. It is great for conditions such as:

  • Lower back pain
  • Joint pain
  • Sciatica
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Sports injuries
  • Lower back pain

Healthy Bones and Tissues

Regenerative medicine promotes the development of healthy bones and tissues. While traditional medicine is reactive, regenerative treatment aims to promote your overall health and avoid future problems. It makes your body stronger and improves the health and functioning of your musculoskeletal system.

It May be an Alternative to Surgery

If you have a degenerative injury or treatment that does not respond to traditional treatment options, your doctor may recommend surgery. However, you may benefit from regenerative medicine. It is a great option for older adults who may prefer to avoid surgery.

Minimal Recovery Time

With regenerative medicine, the recovery time is a lot shorter than for traditional treatment options. The material used in treatment is obtained from your cells and tissues. You will recover and get back to your normal routine fast.

If you are curious about regenerative medicine and its ability to treat your symptoms, seek the opinion of your doctor as soon as possible. They may suggest that you use it to treat osteoarthritis, sports injuries, or joint pain.