Use of Ultra Sound Scan during pregnancy

Use of Ultra Sound Scan during pregnancy

Use of Ultra Sound Scan during pregnancy

Generally in medical field doctors are using 2d and 3d scans. If any fractures happened in any parts of human body, they had only the CT scan facility which could be able to sense 2D figures only. So many people were not satisfied over this technology. Due to the technology development, a new technique is invented in medical field called ultrasound scan. It helps the doctors to see the muscles, internal organs, tendons, and allows them to view the fetus in ovary and also its movements.

Nowadays people are really eager to see the movements of their child. In order to favor them, the doctors are using an advanced technology called 4D scan.


 Do you really want to know, what is the use of 4D ultra sound scan in the time of pregnancy? Here you can get a clear idea about it. Ultrasonic scanning technique (ultrasonography) is used to measure, diagnose and detect the movements of the baby. Typically, it can be done during the period of 25-30 weeks of pregnancy when there is a greater volume of amniotic fluids are available. Sometimes the baby may not be in accurate position, in such cases mother is first requested to take a walk in order to make the child to return to its original position. If it does not came back to its original position then the mother supposed to take 4d scan which used to analyze the baby movements clearly and checks whether it is in safe position inside the ovary or not. This is one of the advantage of using this technique.

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