Tips for Maintaining a Vibrant Smile

Tips for Maintaining a Vibrant Smile

Tips for Maintaining a Vibrant Smile

We all wish to have a healthy smile but have to battle against tooth infections and dental emergencies. Having an infected tooth can be traumatizing since the pain associated with it is usually unbearable, and the idea of losing the tooth unacceptable. Infected teeth require immediate medical attention. Your endodontic specialist in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Rick Schwartz, is dedicated to providing specialized dental care to help maintain your smile.

Meaning of endodontic consultation

Endodontic procedures refer to dental vocations involving diagnosis, medical treatment, and specialized nursing of pain occasioned by bacterial infections in your teeth. The dental pulp is a part of your tooth located at the center and made up of nerves and blood vessels. Its primary function is to detect sensations ranging from hotness to coldness when you consume tea or ice cream. The dental pulp is encased in the dentine, a hard layer located under your enamel. Tooth decay results from poor dental hygiene, and it can penetrate deep into your tooth up to the dental pulp, which results in pain or even an infection.

Trauma is a situation characterized by the tooth’s fracturing, exposing your dental pulp, a condition that can lead to extreme pain and increase the chances of you losing the tooth. Endodontic treatment mainly deals with removing the decay and infected parts of your tooth and then cresting the tooth from future invasion by decay or bacteria. After the treatment, you will feel no pain, and you will have saved your teeth from removal.

What does an endodontist do?

An endodontic specialist is a skilled dentist specializing in endodontic procedures after completing training for a minimum of two years in formal residency. Dr. Schwartz has 20 years’ experience in dentistry, after which he underwent rigorous training in endodontic practices, hence his knowledge in the treatment of tooth problems. General dentists offer you treatments for root canals but refer to the complicated treatments to Endodontic experts. Dentists work closely with Endodontic experts, usually relying on their recommendations. Dr. Schwartz and his team will inform you about your situation and instruct you on your teeth’ general care to maintain your vibrant smile.

Reasons for seeking endodontic care

There are several signs of endodontic problems, including:

  •       Sensitive teeth when drinking hot or cold drinks
  •       Painful teeth
  •       Persistent discoloration of the teeth

Some infections do not show any symptoms and X-rays can help expose them. Frequent tooth checkups will help protect your tooth.

General care for the teeth after endodontic treatment

You may experience tenderness for a few days after the procedure. You should avoid eating food immediately after the process until the stiffness and tenderness disappear. You may also consider taking anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce soreness. Brushing your teeth after the procedure will help reduce inflation.

When you are experiencing tooth pain or trauma, this discomfort and pain are hard to ignore. Failure to seek immediate assistance can lead to the possibility of tooth loss. If you or your loved one experience a severe toothache or any other endodontic problems, make an appointment online with your doctor.

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