Smoking and vaping of e-cigarette is an increasing practice in the United States. Tobacco companies are coming up with different types of tobacco products to meet the growing demand in the market, and little can be done to reduce the impact of smoking on addicts. Vaping involves inhalation of the e-cigarette vapour.

Although it is considered a “decent” way of smoking, it still affects your body as the traditional cigars do. Don’t be surprised that these companies can still be sued for damages associated with their products. Recently, Lake County State’s attorney in Illinois filed the Juul lawsuit alleging that the company violated the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act by promoting the product to teens.

Effects of vaping and smoking

1.  Reduced immunity

Juul lawsuit

Everybody has a natural immunity that helps their body to fight diseases. This immunity diminishes with every puff of smoke you inhale. Smoking e-cigarettes release nicotine, a compound present in tobacco, which reduces the flow of blood in the body. Nicotine slows the body’s circulatory system and the heart’s ability to pump blood smoothly.

Smoking affects the flow of blood to your mouth veins, thereby inhibiting its ability to fight bacteria. Frequent smoking and vaping will often result in common periodontal diseases such as bleeding gums and tooth decay.

2. Damage on the respiratory system

Smoking and vaping of e-cigarettes results in the blocking of the respiratory tract. The toxic smoke from e-cigarettes removes the essential immune genes on the respiratory system. This way, it becomes difficult for smokers to breathe well after some time.

Note that some modern cigarettes are manufactured with harmful flavours that may also affect your overall oral health. Although the flavours used in the e-cigarettes give it a sweet smell, it makes the product more toxic to your body’s respiratory system.

3. Dental complications


Smoke from e-cigarettes is harmful to your teeth. Your mouth is the most affected part of the body when you smoke. The smoke from cigarettes lands on your teeth enamel weakening it. In time, you begin to develop tooth decay and sensitivity. When you have sensitive teeth, it is such a difficult task to eat hot and cold food. Studies show that over 70 harmful chemicals are present in the cigarette smoke. A significant percentage of these chemicals affect your teeth directly.

4. Heart attack

Juul lawsuit

This the most significant effect of smoking and vaping on your body. According to a recent study by the University of North Carolina, smoking and vaping of e-cigarettes can result in cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and cardiac arrest. Smoking increases your chances of contracting heart complications by making your body more exposed to inflammations.

5. Smoking slows healing

Smokers take longer on hospital beds compared to non-smokers. As a smoker, if you undergo medical surgery, it would take longer for your incisions to heal. This is because smoking reduces the amount of oxygen present in your blood components. It is advisable to quit smoking four weeks before you go for surgery to improve the oxygen supply in your body and boost your blood platelets activity.


Most vaping and smoking products can be grouped under harmful drugs. Given the dangers of smoking e-cigarettes, it is advisable to quit smoking and vaping. In case of severe addiction, you can visit a rehabilitation centre to help you quit the drug. Lastly, you can sue the e-cigarette manufacturer for ‘bad drug’ if you feel the drug has affected your oral health.