Phentermine is the generic name, and it comes in the brand names of Lonmin, Adipex-P, Suprenza to treat severe obesity. People who surpass the normal BMI (<30) usually suffocate with many physical and mental ailments. Though there are many weight loss supplements available in the current scenario, finding the best and original is a question of a matter. It is not advisable to buy and consume the tablet as we wish which lead to serious ill effects would even end up in a fatality. You may better consult a Bariatric surgeon to get a solution for your obesity and associating ailments. The doctor will scrutiny your medical records thoroughly and suggest weight loss pills by your BMI, height.

Why is Phentermine suggested for weight loss?

In the current medical trend, most of the Bariatric surgeons point out phentermine which is prescribed to assist with weight loss. It is true. Phentermine has the tendency to control the appetite and craving, stimulates the body to burn calories quickly. Since Phentermine comes under Controlled Substance IV, the abuse and addiction are quite meager & the side effects are also relatively less. Phen will be prescribed only for a short time of course, i.e. not more than three weeks and it is a Prescribed-only medicine. The drug stimulates neurotransmitters and makes the nervous system to operate in “fight-or-flight” mode. In 1959, Phentermine was introduced as a diet drug, and since then it had been on the market. In the late 1990s, The Food and Administration Drug (FDA) found that in Fen-phen combination (fenfluramine and phentermine) Fenfluramine caused heart valve damage which was stated by many victims. After that FDA approved Phentermine combination with different drugs. As a starting dose, the users take a 37.5 mg pill once per day. On the next visit, the dose may be adjusted to the hunger level and existence of side effects.

Will be the hunger rebound after discontinuing Phentermine?

It has been reported by many Phen users that the hunger does not relapse within the first few weeks or month after completing Phentermine cycle. If a proper diet plan with physical activities is maintained after the drug discontinuation, you may experience hunger, craving- free for many months to years. Any injuries through accidents, environmental factors are found to be the aggravating factors for the subsequent weight gain.

Where to buy Phen?

You may buy phentermine with a proper prescription from a reliable source in the United States of America say You may buy it legally to obtain a safe, original product from here. On the other hand, if you purchase phentermine from any unknown location, overseas address, obscure online stores, you may not be able to find out the originality of the product besides legal issues. Most of the Internet buyers reported that they received fake products in the name of Phen which did not yield the expected results. As the bottom line, though Phentermine is prescribed to assist with weight loss, the result depends only on the product’s quality and your lifestyle.