The cannabis oil, which is widely available in our country, has a wonderful skincare and hair care effect. It greatly strengthens damaged hair with high porosity, and also helps in the fight against dandruff. Read how to prepare a mask with hemp oil and avocado to enjoy the healthy skin of the head and the surface of strong and shiny hair.

Hemp oil for damaged hair and dandruff

Oil from what? From hemp? And is this not the case of marijuana? Stay Calm. We do not have to talk about it in a low voice. Cannabis seed oil used in cosmetics as well as in the kitchen is as legal as possible in Poland. There is no psychoactive substance THC in it, which causes cannabis seeds to be included in the group of soft drugs. So no worries, when you put it on your hair, you will not be able to shoot any crazy ideas.

We recommend cold pressed CBD Oils in particular to girls with high porosity hair, and therefore, to put it mildly, quite damaged. The oil molecules are large, that’s why they fill the cavities inside your hair scales well.

Cannabis oil on hair will help you smooth it, especially if it is destroyed by the sun or regularly dyed. If you want to further nourish and moisten your hair, add fresh avocado to hemp oil. After making a home mask, your hair will be much softer and will become brighter.

CBD Oils

And the most important! When your head is itchy and dandruff appears on your shoulders, a natural cannabis-based mask will wash away this burning problem from your head.

Hemp oil mask: advantages

When you apply hemp oil to your hair, it will become soft and nourished. Hemp oil is an excellent source of polyunsaturated acids, primarily omega-3. You will think great, but what does this mean for me? Omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids are a natural component that builds cells in our body. After applying a mask of hemp oil and avocado your hair will become stronger and you will get rid of split ends. What’s more, if you grow your hair, the avocado will be your greatest ally.

And how can the mask help you cope with dandruff? Hemp oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a source of vitamins A, B, D and E that help maintain the skin in the right condition. Among other things, this is why hemp oil is recommended to combat the symptoms of psoriasis and dandruff. Antiseptic effect will strengthen the lemon essential oil. The avocado, in turn, moisturizes very well, not only the hair but also the itchy scalp. Its pleasant, cool consistency will be a real compress for her.

So if you’re looking for a good preparation for the problem of dandruff, instead of using expensive and hair-free shampoos try using a natural mask of hemp oil and avocado and enjoy the storm of strong and shiny hair. These are the positive effects that CBD Oil Keeps for you.