Many dental facilities provide in-office whitening services, whereas others concentrate on take-home treatments. An in-office treatment may be carried out in parallel with teeth cleaning or a special visit to a Phoenix dentist. It is generally done within an hour and yields visibly white teeth instantly. This is an excellent option for many individuals because of how fast it is done. 

  • Using Toothpaste

There are numerous forms of tooth whitening that you might attempt. The first thing people do is use whitening toothpaste at home. This may aid in brightening your teeth but is often not potent enough to whiten them. Toothpaste may be a vital component of the overall teeth whitening regimen, but it should not be used alone. Following professional whitening, using toothpaste may help your teeth remain dazzling. 

  • Whitening trays or strips

Using whitening trays or strips that can be purchased over the counter is a popular option for many individuals. Treatments like these work, but they don’t work as well as if an expert did them. As is the case with most things, what you can acquire off the shelf isn’t as potent as what you can expect from a doctor. Additionally, commercially purchased whitening trays are meant to suit everyone’s teeth, not your teeth particularly. This means they may become loose, or the solution might leak, causing gingival discomfort.

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  • The Professional Touch

Professional tooth whitening may drastically improve the look of your teeth. The reason is the use of a more potent solution. The average drug-store whitening solution only gets the teeth about two shades whiter, while a professional quality whitening gel may get them up to eight shades. If you are searching for rapid and dramatic results, in-office whitening is a significantly better alternative for you.

  • How It’s Done and the Steps Involved

Enamel is penetrated by hydrogen peroxide in whitening solutions. The oxidation process begins when molecules are altered to reflect very little or no light. As a result, they look white and colorless. This method is often quite efficient for eradicating stains and may be performed repeatedly. Genes, age, smoking, and intake of staining foods like coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages are only a couple of reasons why teeth become stained.

The treatment itself must be painless, and it may be completed within an hour. Before getting started, patients are requested to arrange a dental checkup with their nearest dentist’s office in Phoenix. An examination follows to confirm that their teeth and gums are healthy enough for teeth whitening and that any cavities or infections are taken care of first.