The tradition of enhancing one’s beauty has been prevalent probably, since the dawn of civilization. Initially, it was just about adorning oneself with some kind of makeup; however, as days progressed people found the unique technique of being able to make changes in the structure of the human body. This is what plastic or cosmetic surgery is all about. Stein Plastic Surgery offers the most satisfying and successful operations in this category wherein Dr. Steven Stein and his team offer a plethora of services in plastic surgery.

The individual and specific need of every patient is taken utmost care of and they offer a whole range of rejuvenation services. Dr. Stein’s experience of conducting more than 1,000 tummy tucks and body contours over the past 25 years is what makes it so convenient to place your trust in him; if you are thinking of going under the knife. As a matter of fact even if you are not really ready for a surgery Dr. Stein Plastic Surgery specialist and his team offer you other alternatives which are lower costs and have more discrete results.

Over the years a lot of the individuals from the transgender category have made regular visits to the plastic surgeons. This has become their only hope of completely transforming themselves from masculinity to a more feminine person or vice versa.

Kybella, a non-surgical procedure, used to reduce fat around the chin and neck area helps in improving the profile greatly. This injectable medicine that destroys the fat cells that cause the formation of “double chin” is being expected to become more in vogue in the coming years. It makes the area incapable of storing any fat and at the same time smoothens it out making it look younger.

The specific corners of the face are rectified with the help of facial fillers which are being constantly developed by scientists. This allows the patients to get a desired contour of their face but without having to go through any invasive procedures. The names of some of these fillers are Juvederm, Restylane, etc.

Neck lifts and face lifts are the next most commonly done plastic surgeries; these are the two classic procedures of this genre. Experts are of the opinion that it is the growing craze of taking “selfies” that has instigated the popularity of this procedure once again. The modern versions of these procedures tighten the tissues and muscles of the neck and the face making them smoother and appear more juvenile.

A comparatively novel procedure that is being practiced by a lot of young people is the surgical dimple creation, otherwise known as ‘dimplectomy’. This is done by making an incision inside the cheek and forming a dimple. Along with this the nose shaping surgery has also hit large in the current fashion world.

Plastic surgery has been greatly contributing to the making of hoards of celebrities, and this certainly is largely responsible for bringing the unmatchable fame and recognition of a many a well known faces of the world.