There are many people who love sports and along with this they are also ready to take the injury. But now there is no need for the sport person to worry as the there have been many clinics for sports which have been developed which offers diagnostic services to the sports person, runners and athletes. Also there are many clinics which offer biochemical analysis. There is also a motion analysis laboratory which the clinics and hospitals have.

Motion Analysis Lab Comprises of –

  • Specialized treadmill
  • 3D video analysis system
  • Special software
  • Surface electromyography system
  • Ground reaction force plate

As a part of religious and cultural sport in the modern American culture, lacrosse is a very well known college sport. The sport originated from America. It is also played from religious point of view. In the American culture the sports are played and there are many different kinds of lacrosse sports which comprises of the following lacrosse sport, men’s and female lacrosse, box lacrosse etc. The sport is the same but the rule differs.


 Before you get to know what kinds of treatments and other facilities are available, it is also important for you to know what are lacrosse and its injuries and how it can be helped with. Lacrosse is the kind of sport in which the injuries which the player gets is a bit different when it comes to comparison of men and women. The reason for the same is because in men’s lacrosse sports they face more injuries because of the contact, whereas in female games this rule is not applicable. So men suffer more than the female. For more info refer this

There are Various Ways in Which the Players Can Prevent the Injury, they are as follows –

  • Firstly, there are many steps which are the basics which the player needs to follow, especially for men in which there is contact. This shall help them in preventing further injury
  • The players should also be aware of the surrounding in which they are playing
  • They should also wear a protective gear
  • And the most important thing which not only lacrosse player but all the players and dancers are supposed to do is S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Stretching before any game removes the stiffness of the nerves and helps play more flexibly
  • Also, the players should be aware of different types of pain and should not ignore minor kinds of pain
  • The next thing which the players should do is to be aware of their physical capabilities and should not go beyond that.

Treatment –

There are various kinds of treatments which includes diagnostics methods and many other methods for the players who are injured. Surgery is one of the best methods which many orthopedic surgeons ever suggest. But it depends upon the pain of the player and the depth of injury which he/she has received. The option of surgery should be left as the ‘lender of the last resort’. There are also other methods which the players and the doctors can suggest and they can apply like a band method, slight physiotherapy etc.