When it comes to human interactions, there are few expressions and elements quite as important as a wide, unselfconscious, genuine smile. This is the ultimate way to put people at ease, appear attractive, and exude confidence.

Unfortunately, many of us weren’t blessed with the most perfect, aligned, white set of teeth. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Modern orthodontics can do a lot for less than perfect teeth. From correcting misaligned jaws and excessive crowding of teeth, to straightening teeth and unusual bites, there’s very little they can’t fix when it comes to teeth nowadays.

A bright, wide smile can inspire confidence in both you, and the people around you. Here’s why that is:

It Shows You’re Relaxed

            That’s the thing about casually smiling in a friendly manner – it makes you look super relaxed and at ease. That’s incredibly charismatic and engaging for people around you. Just picture it, would you rather spend time with the friendly, relaxed smiling friend, or the nervous edgy one? It’s always going to be the friendly relaxed one!

People Like Happy People

            It also kind of goes without saying that people simply like people who are happier. Everyone wants to spend time around people who are upbeat, chipper and cheerful. The only real, effective way to show that is with a wide smile.

It Makes You Feel Better

            Science has actually shown that the simple act of smiling actually makes you feel better in itself. Just smiling at nothing in particular starts off feelings of positivity and good humour. Everyone needs that.

But in order to actually enjoy, and get the benefits, you have to enjoy smiling and do it regularly. That can be difficult for people who don’t like the way their teeth look, so a brace can be the ideal step forward.

It’s Super Attractive

            When someone takes a photo of you, what’s the classic pose people strike? It’s always going to be that wide, cheesy grin. That’s because smiling is really attractive. I know Hollywood’s got us all thinking that people are into brooding, smouldering looks and all that, but in reality, it’s all about that smile!

Bad Teeth Don’t Have to Hold You Back

            The fact is, no-one should let their teeth hold them back. When it comes to confidence, it’s all about your attitude rather than your actual appearance. Confidence is something you project, and it comes from you, it doesn’t come from people around you.

Having said that, having something about your appearance that you really don’t like can become a real handicap. That’s why it’s great that modern orthodontists in Richmond Hill can do so much for your smile.

From dealing with crowded teeth to misaligned jaws to yellow teeth, they can put your smile right and have you grinning like a fool all day long.