The COVID-19 is still dominant in most parts of the world, including India. The country is suffering from the second wave of this pandemic. The healthcare sector is trying every possibility to curb the spread of the virus. And the rapid antigen test is one of the three tools doctors are using to confirm the infection in people. Patients can get the result of this rapid test in a few hours or by the end of the day! But is this test accurate? Let us find out!

Rapid Antigen Test in Delhi: Know Its Accuracy

The accuracy of the antigen test is the talk shop in most places. To collect samples for the Rapid Antigen Test in Delhi, the medical professionals insert a small cotton swab to collect mucus and cells from the throat and nose. This swab is applied to a testing strip to see the presence of the virus in the sample. If the strip changes colour, the test is positive. Since this process is less invasive and detailed, the accuracy may differ.

Possibility of False Negative Reports

  • Rapid tests proved to be accurate for 72% of people with prominent symptoms of COVID-19. Some researchers were 95% confident about its accuracy for 79% of people who tested for the virus.
  • The accuracy rate is near about 58% for people who are asymptomatic to the virus.
  • The Rapid Antigen Test in Delhi has been the most accurate when patients submitted their samples in the first week of observing symptoms.

How Brands of Testing Kits Make A Difference

Many healthcare brands have released their COVID-19 rapid test kits that our professionals are using now. As per studies, STANDARD Q has delivered the most accurate results, while Coris Bioconcept has performed the poorest of all. One should go to a clinic that uses the former brand for Rapid Antigen Test in Delhi.

Ways To Rule Out Getting False Results

  • Go to a trusted and reliable clinic or collection centre to get tested.
  • Check the brand of testing kit used to ensure the accuracy of the results.
  • Take the rapid test in the first week of observing the symptoms. If it is later than that, go for RT-PCR tests.

Available Locations For Rapid Antigen Tests In Delhi

With the increasing rush and spread of the virus, finding the best clinic to get Rapid Antigen Test in Delhi is challenging. But the SpiceHealth clinics are available in different opulent locations of the city to help people get the tests done on time. This healthcare firm has established numerous collection centres across the city. Here is where one can go for collection in Delhi.

  • Azadpur Mandi: A clinic is available right near the fruit market at Gate No. 5 in this locality. People living anywhere near this place can also call for home collection services.
  • Rajouri: This collection centre is just by the Vishal Enclave in Nehru Nagar, Raja Garden. It covers a lot of nearby localities to help people with better and fast service.
  • Chattarpur: This centre is in the Dr Ambedkar Colony on the main Chattarpur Road. One can visit the clinic to submit the sample.
  • Rohini: This collection centre is in the School of Excellence, Delhi Government School.
  • Dwarka: This centre is also in the government school at Sector 6 for Rapid Antigen Test in Delhi.

All these centres are offering the best possible services with attainable accuracy to help Covid patients get the exact details. One must contact the collection centres to book slots. Although the accuracy of the rapid tests is questionable, this is the only COVID-19 test that delivers the fastest results. If one has doubts, going for the RT-PCR test is a better option!