Every person on earth would love to play and all that matters is how long are they interested in it? Most of us would have played in our childhood then as time goes so does the interest to play. But some people are too fond and too determined to play. Some are born with the gift those people could excel in sports. Those people turn out to be the Athletes, who will be representing their country in the international games. Based on the games sports could be categorized into many types. One among such a type in which it involves three events that is to be played continuously and sequentially. We call it as Triathlon. For beginners getting into triathlon is a dream, for that to happen they should be able to compete and complete the challenge. To ensure them taking part in sprint triathlon would be a life changing moment!

Fitness alone would never result in Victory!

As the name indicates triathlon would be a three event game which involves Swimming, Biking, and Running. Based on the version of the game the distances to be covered are subjected to changes. The person who is getting ready to participate in these events must possess good physical strength and a well-determined heart. Some believe that these triathlon methods of events were played in France around 1920. But the modern version this game was officially held in California, on September 25, 1974. From that day it has been the dream of many athletes to beat triathlon and to prove themselves that anything could be achieved by determination and hard work. For beginners, this mini Triathlon would be a testing ground for their abilities.  Experts say that this Mini triathlon is still very intense that requires skills to compete and to complete it successfully. Physical fitness is indeed an essential factor, but fitness alone will never be enough to beat this monster!

Health fitness

Distances that tests Determination of heart!

Even though sprint triathlon training is a smaller version of the Olympic its total distance to be covered is not a walk in the park! Among these three events, the first event is swimming to a distance of 750 meters, followed by the Biking of 20kms, and finally concluded with a running event of distance 5kms. The time taken by the individuals to cover all these distances would depend on their physical witness and the determination for winning! Though being determined to compete in such an intensified competition it requires certain experience, so based on the experience players are classified into professionals and amateurs. Being in amateurs class are also subdivided based on their age, gender, and weight. So that would help the players in evaluating themselves by competing in a same level of competition.

At the field, Aid Stations will also be placed to help the players with energy supplies and to provide any medical supports. Finally, the person who gets the victory will be remembered in the history of sports. This smaller version of the triathlon will always boost up the courage and determination in the hearts of young athletes who wriggles for the victory.