Dentures have been a good solution for missing teeth since many years ago. People may lose their teeth due to old age, accidents, or dental disease. This popular dental treatment has always been a perfect way to restore a smile to people with these problems. This cosmetic method is one of the inexpensive options in cosmetic dentistry. Dentures are in two types. You can have them as minor dentures to fill in the gaps in your missing teeth or a set of dentures that help you eat, drink, talk and smile freely. But are you thoroughly aware of this option? As a sophisticated dentist at¬†Dentist New West¬†explains, dentures are made of artificial teeth and are removable prosthetic devices. They are custom-made to replace missing teeth around the gums and are made to fit the unique structure of the dental patient’s mouth and teeth.

However, since many years ago, dentures have been a cosmetic method; there is a big difference between the last ones and new ones. Past models were inappropriate and noticeable. People did not feel comfortable with past dentures. Some of them were not fixed in their mouth and made it difficult for them to eat and talk easily. Thanks to today’s improvements and techniques, dentures look more natural, fixed, and comfortable these days.

In the past, dentures were made of porcelain or plastic. Still, nowadays, modern dentures are generally made of a hard resin or a more flexible polymeric material. This material fits perfectly on the natural gum line. But in both cases, you should be careful about your dentures since they are more fragile than natural teeth. If they fall out, they can easily chip or crack.

Dentures also can easily erode much faster than natural teeth, so they should be replaced every five years or so with a new set of dentures. Another important point is that if you consume food and drink with synthetic dyes, dentures can easily stain and lose their shine. Therefore, avoid such foods.

Knowing how to take care of dentures and their hygiene is so important. Most people believe that since dentures are not real, it is not important to care about them as much as real teeth. This is not true. Just like your natural teeth, dentures need proper cleaning to maintain the appearance and health of your mouth and teeth. Brush your dentures after each meal, or at least twice a day. Remember that a special toothbrush is needed to clean dentures. Regular toothbrushes either do not clean them properly or damages them.

Another tip to know is about removing dentures. Some people often forget to remove dentures when not using them. Leaving dentures in the mouth for a long time can cause bad breath. Your gums also need to relax. When going to bed, simply soak your prostheses in a glass of water.

Remember that if you are using dentures for the first time, you need time to get used to them. It will not be easy to eat, drink or talk with them at first. But you will get used to them after a while. So, be patient.