Moldova has a considerable potential as a sales market for services that fit into the notion of medical tourism. In 2008, for example, an apparently insignificant number of 29 foreigners came to Moldova for various medical procedures, but in 2015 the number of persons interested in medical tourism has already increased to 488. A great percent from the attention of foreign visitors goes to the dental tourism: qualitative dental services at affordable prices and without endless queues – who would not be delighted by such an opportunity?

In terms of dental tourism, Moldova has been getting better and better in the last decade. The citizens of 100 states have the right to enter the Republic of Moldova for up to 90 days within 6 months. In other words, there are enough opportunities to visit this country for those who are interested in dental tourism – more and more dental clinics in Moldova are developing an effective plan for such cases.

People born in Moldova, but established abroad, also prefer their homeland to treat dental problems. Returning during their vacations, they use to bring friends and recommend their own dentists. The people from the diaspora are the main supporters of the idea because they felt on their own skin the differences between the health systems in both countries and made conclusions.

Visitors interested in dental medical tourism can benefit from accommodation, entertainment, but most importantly – quality dental services. When it comes to dental tourism, a good price for quality services similar to European countries is the main advantage that attracts foreigners to dental clinics in Moldova (mostly private dental clinics). Prices are considerably lower in Moldova, compared to countries that are sufficiently developed to provide quality medical care.

The most popular dental services required in dental tourism are dental implants, restorations, dental fillings, and teeth whitening. Although the range of services differs, as well as the number of analyzes and investigations required in each case, dental medicine remains accessible by comparison. The lack of mandatory preventive scheduling is another considerable advantage. Specialists in Moldovan clinics have excellent qualifications, work with selective materials in clinics where they strictly adhere to the rules of asepsis. Visitors are greeted with a smile and a handshake, but also with a professional attitude.